Be the True Master and Teach Golf

by : Andy West

It is no longer considered a part time position or after retirement job to teach golf to others. No longer just a sport for the weekends, golf is a booming industry with career opportunities written all over it. The popularity of golf and its aspects have created niches, which in turn have created a demand for everything from advertising, sports wear, marketing, management and even teaching positions with golf and golf fundamentals at the core.

A job in the golf industry is one of those unique careers that combine a person's strengths, passion for the game and a paycheck. Although many vocations often combine one or two of these elements, rarely do they combine all three. With the majority of people spending their lives working, having a career one can be proud of and enjoy is naturally becoming an important aspect of many career decisions.

Those who teach golf in general are known to have such a strong passion for the game that they want to pass everything they know on to others. They enjoy its aspects and they enjoy working with individuals as trainers or with groups as coaches of high school or college teams. Many also find work at golf courses or specialty shops.

These golf professionals are also known for being able to handle groups of people and communicate their ideas effectively. They have the skill to assess a person's level of ability and teach fundamentals when and where necessary. Those who teach like to be around people and can make learning a comfortable experience.

As many have found, a bonus for those who teach golf is getting to work with any age group. Some may prefer to coach adults. Others prefer the joy of sharing their passion of golf with young children. Whatever the choice, many find a great deal of satisfaction in their work.

Just like any other career, learning how to teach golf requires training. One must learn how to seamlessly combine the world of teaching with golf. Learning to create an effective curriculum that will help students learn is just one of the important aspects. Learning to help students feel confident and reach their goals is another. Being able to do these things successfully is the mark of a well-trained teacher.

Becoming a golf teacher is anything but difficult. With the time and dedication it takes to become golf instructor or teacher, those with an accredited degree can count not only on the ability to earn more but also on the prestige. It shows the willingness, dedication and the ability to make golf available to others.

Many find that learning to teach golf is a pleasant experience that is neither too long nor too short. One can effectively learn what they need to know without losing sight of important aspects. Many find their time and money is returned to them double with the earning power that their degree brings them.

Those who employ golf teachers prefer employees who not only have a passion for the game but professional teaching skills. Golf courses and specialty shops know that they can attract more members or customers with staff that is professionally trained. A trained professional is taken more seriously and provides good balance and structure.

Like the golf industry itself, this is a career that can still evolve. There are a number of those who teach golf that go on to start their own businesses holding private classes. It is not unheard of for some to eventually move on to books and training videos. It is a career that can be as large or as small as one chooses.