Learn About Buying Golf Clubs For Kids

by : Michelle Bery

So you think your child is the next Tiger Woods or Michelle Wie? Or maybe you simply wish to share the game of golf with your child? Either way, getting kids started in golf can be confusing even for the seasoned golfer, especially when it comes time for buying clubs for kids.

Buying golf clubs for kids is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of buying an adult set and simply cutting down the length. Adult clubs have heavy shafts and heads that will make it even harder for your child to enjoy the game. Any good set of golf clubs for kids will have lightweight heads, light and flexible shafts, and smaller grips, all of which will help your child make better contact and get the ball airborne more easily.

Before buying golf clubs for kids that come in an entire set, it is advisable to see if your child is truly interested in pursuing the game. Golf can be a difficult and frustrating game. It is widely held in the golf industry that for every adult taking up the game, there is another who quits in frustration. A good way to judge your child's interest before buying golf clubs for kids is to start with one or two clubs. Unlike adult clubs, buying golf clubs for kids means you can frequently buy them individually as well as in sets. For a small investment you can purchase a single iron club (like a seven iron), and a putter, and then head off to the local practice green or pitch-and-putt course.

Once you feel confident that your child is interested and committed to learning golf, then it is time to consider buying golf clubs for kids that come in a full set. However, unlike a typical set of fourteen clubs found in the golf bags of most adults, buying golf clubs for kids in a set does not need to be so extensive. Depending on the age and strength of your child, the ideal set of golf clubs for kids could be as small as three clubs. (A high lofted fairway wood, seven iron, and a putter are ideal for a young child). As your child continues to grow in size and strength, they will need to add additional clubs to their ideal set of golf clubs for kids.

Remember, as your child grows they will grow out of their clubs just as they grow out of their clothes. Buying golf clubs for kids that are a properly fitted set is imperative if you want your child to have the proper equipment, so be prepared for buying new golf clubs for kids every one to two years.

Whether buying golf clubs for kids that are individual or one of the complete sets of golf clubs for kids that come with a golf bag, the important thing is to share the game you love with your child by providing them with equipment that will help them get the most from their experience.