The Golfswing and How To Improve It

by : jeff ryall

When anyone thinks about the basic elements of the golfswing they think about the grip, stance, and position of the ball and so on. People always think about the physical aspects of the game and thats only natural as thats what is in the magazines and what the professionals do in their practice lessons.

But not everyone thinks this way. These people think that the basic components are to do with radius, face, plane and the centering. Focusing on these in a lesson are sometimes as beneficial as the mechanics of the swing.

Face is the direction in which the ball travels when the clubface hits the ball. You need to have the face of the golfclub at the same direction when you bring your golfclub back as when you hit the ball.

Radius is keeping the same distance from your front shoulder to the ball. This needs to be the same all the way through the shot for you to execute the best strke.

Plane is the angle at which your club strikes the ball. To consistently get good shots this needs to be the same each time you take a shot. Like anything else practice is the key.

Centering. If you want to hit an accurate golf shot you must get this right. Every shot you take has a centre to it . You must keep your back and your head as steady as possible every time you play a shot. If you watch the professionals do it on TV you will notice how steady they keep their head and back through a shot.

You need to be able to do all the basics well to be able to repeat a good shot time after time. To be able to do one basic good and all the rest not so good is not enough.

If you want to be able to repeat a powerful and accurate shot you will need to do all these basic elements well again and again, but as with anything you must put the time in on the practice range to see the improvement in your game. If you practice these as well as the normal basics when people talk about golf, like ball position, grip and stance you will be well on your way to improving your golf handicap and enjoying your game. Golf can be a frustrating game at the best of times but it can also be relaxing and enjoyable when you get it right, happy golfing.