Improve Your Driver Golf Swing With Drills

by : D Fraser

Trying to improve the swing of your driver but you're not 100% where to start? You need to learn a few basic drills and exercises to develop the right skills to take your driver golf swing to the next level. While practice isn't as fun as playing a round of golf, but it's the where you need to put your time in to play a great game and shave strokes off of your handicap.

What are golf drills?

A golf drill is simply a series of exercises that are isolated to develop one particular attribute to your game. While a drill might feel awkward or out of place it's only a drill, it's not how you would play the game, but it is required to perfect particular parts of your technique, and your driver golf swing is a great place to start to improve.

The Easy Driver Drill

This is probably the most enjoyable driver drill. Head out to the driving range, grab a bucket of balls and start swinging with the intention of hitting the 150 yard flag. This drill will help you improve in a short period of time, remember that your driver is about accuracy and quality, while you might be able to drive a ball 200 yards but it slices wouldn't you be better off with 150 yard drive with 10-20 yards of roll but be in play?

The Hip Turn Drill

This is one drill that more people really should pay attention to. The drill is designed to work on developing hip alignment and body movement through the swing.

Stand above the ball with your body square and swing your driver but with only one hand/arm. This will force you to develop hip rotation and bring more power and weight transfer into your swing which is where the power and distance will come from.

Give no Quarter Drill

The last drill we'll mention is one that many people think will be simple. It's goal is to develop balance in the golfer, simply place a quarter on your golf shoe and go trough your swing technique. The goal is to not have the quarter fall off your shoe, if it does you're experiencing to much foot movement. This is a symptom of bad balance through your driver golf swing if you have trouble keeping the quarter balanced.

For some it will be easier if you already have good balance. If you do have difficult stop and practice this drill until you develop the balance to be able to swing and not have the quarter fall off.

Drills aren't the same as the game itself but they are a must to drop your handicap and improve your score each round. If you invest the time in drills and practice you'll be repaid multiple times over as you watch your score drop round after round.