Perfect Golf Swing

by : John Pawlett

Anyone who spends time on the golf course is looking for the best possible golf swing. Some argue that there is no such thing but after witnessing some of the pros at work I would have to differ. The skill required for this game is quite imposing if you really think about it. Nevertheless, the perfect golf swing is attainable.

First of all we have to recognize that golf is a game that is as intellectual as it is physical. My husband describes it as a game of chess that involves gross motor skills. He has spent a lot of hours trying to develop the best possible swing that he can master however I think that his approach is all wrong.

Even though he recognizes the cognitive aspects of the game he seems to forget about them when he hits the golf ball. He also seems to think that the perfect golf swing is a complete myth that has been developed to torture golfers around the world. However, he is looking at the whole thing backwards. So are many other golfers.

Many professionals would agree that there is no such thing as a perfect golf swing. This elusive skill has seemed to develop a personality. Many people seek it to no avail and many decide to write it off as a myth so they can sleep at night. Sound dramatic? Well, it is to an avid golfer.

Part of the appeal of the game is its challenging nature. The combination of physical and mental control is great with the feat of hitting the ball on target. Many people look to the perfect golf swing as a personification of the challenge. It is no longer an action, but a kind of Holy Grail for the golfing community.

It is important to recognize that the perfect golf swing is fundamentally an action. Sometimes thinking too much can actually have an adverse effect on your swing. Perhaps the best way to achieve the perfect golf swing is to quit obsessing over it.

When we think too much we hinder our own progress. Many golfers look at the game as a practice in control but this very quest for control might be what is keeping you from the elusive swing. You may find that part of the art of combining the mind and the body in the golf swing has a lot to do with letting go instead of controlling.