Choosing the Right Golf Bag

by : Acario Daire

Till some years ago, the game of golf was popular mainly among a selected few, comprising the elite class of society. Things have changed tremendously over the last few years.

Choosing The right Golf Bag

One must consider a few things before selecting the bag that suits him/her the best. First, one should decide if he/she wishes to walk the course or use a cart. Although carry bags won't be heavy, it won't contain as many 'extra' items either. A cart bag, on the other hand, will be heavier but will include more features. Choose your golf bag keeping in mind the room needed for the number of clubs you will usually carry to the course. It will be even better to buy one, which can accommodate some more clubs you may wish to add soon. See to it that the height and the width of the bag are adequate to provide sufficient room for your golf clubs.

You can also choose a bag having more pockets for accessories such as water bottle holder, towel hook and even golf shoes. Check whether the straps and handles are strong enough to hold all your equipment.

Various Gold Bag Models and designs

You will find different models and designs. Carry bags if you prefer the walking game. These bags are lightweight, strong and user-friendly. There are also staff/tour bags and cart bags. Cart Bags got their name because they are designed to be used on a Golf Cart. Carry Bag is the best choice if you prefer to carry your own bag as you play Golf.

How do we carry the Golf bag Bag

If you have a caddie to carry your bag for you, like the pros, you do not need to worry about the weight of your bag that much as long as it is not too back- breakingly heavy. Golf Bag weight won't also matter that much if you intend to ride golf cart most of the time. But if you plan to walk around then you will definitely need a bag that is very light in weight. Most golfers love light weight Carry Bags with stands.

Prices are important too

Before buying a Golf Bag this is perhaps the first question you should ask yourself: "How much money am I willing to spend on a Golf Bag?". Just like in many other things you can buy, the more money you spend, the more elaborate the features will be. When buying a Golf bag remember that the Golf Bag is not a piece of equipment directly used in your game.

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