Can You Improve Golf Swing Speed With Training Aids

by : Mike Pedersen

Golf swing speed is one of the key factors in hitting your drives as far as possible. Golfers of all ages and abilities are always trying to get more distance out of their drives…aren't you? But what's the most effective way to achieve higher swing speed? And are you really going about it the right way?

There are many new golf training aids on the market promising more distance and higher clubhead speed, but out of most of them, there are only a few that succeed. I say this, because the one limiting factor is your current physical status. If you don't improve your golf specific strength and flexibility, you're "dead in the water" no matter what!

Golf training aids can only do what your body will let them!

So that leaves you with a combination of the right training aid for your golf swing speed improvement, and a program focusing on core strength and flexibility to get you to move that club faster and in control through impact. Does that make sense to you?

Just picture it! You are not in very good shape and you step up to the tee with the intention to kill it! What usually happens? Do you get that distance on the shot you hoped for? Did you keep it in the short grass or did you blow it in the woods?

Improve your golf specific muscular strength and flexibility and your swing speed will naturally go up without any extra effort! Swinging easy will be the mindset you'll have when you have a fit body for golf.

Golf swing speed means nothing if your swing is out of control! Some of these new training aids don't mention this. All they focus on in their advertisements is faster and faster swings. Faster and faster does not always leader to longer drives! In fact, swinging faster leads to lack of control, accuracy and consistency.

How many times have you stepped up to the tee box, swung hard and it went no where? I know it's happened to me more times than I can count on both hands feet, fingers and toes.

Excuse me if I'm not correct, but ball-to-clubface contact is one of the key factors in maximizing distance. If you have a heel or toe shoe, doesn't matter if you're swinging at 140 mph, the ball isn't going anywhere, or at least anywhere you want it to go!

The harder you swing the higher the incident of non-solid ball contact. You are increasing your odds of poor swing technique, timing and sequence of motion, all leading to less than optimal impact on the clubface.

So next time you see a television commercial or read an ad in one of the golf magazines for a training aid that promises higher golf swing speed, does it talk about swing efficiency and control at the same time? If it doesn't…move on to the next training aid.