Golf Training Drills To Help Improve Your Golf Swing

by : Gregg Hall

If you are like many golfers, you want to improve your driver golf swing. Though many players may not be aware of how they can do this. Consider using some drills to enhance your already good drive golf swing, to a great one that will help you take some strokes off of your score. Practice drills are designed to help a player improve their swing and learn the game of golf.

What are golf drills?

Many golf drills are designed to allow the player to conduct a series of exercises all focusing on one specific skill or attribute in the game of golf. The drills are generally conducted in a different way than an actual golf game is conducted, therefore the player may view the drills as out of place or odd looking. Drills only have the results of improving the game of golf, not playing the game of golf.

The following are a few drill methods that you can use to improve your personal golf swing:

The Easy Driver Drill

This drill is a classic one; simply go to your favorite driving range. Hitting the 150 flag is the only goal you should have in your mind. By using this drill, in no time flat, you will find your golf swing has improved dramatically.

The Hip Turn Drill

This drill can be used with any type of club. The drill is designed to create alignment of the hip and sometimes golfers use it as a gimmick trick shot.

To conduct this drill, swing the driver with one arm and keep your body square at all times. You may look a little out of place or odd to other players, but who is developing their hip rotation and who is not? Proper hip rotation is crucial in the game of golf.

Give no Quarter Drill

Another drill that may leave you feeling a little silly, but works nevertheless is the Give No Quarter Drill. This drill works well in developing the swing on all clubs. This drill has the sole purpose of helping you develop balance in your swing. Here is how it works; you would put a quarter on the foot of your lead leg, prior to swinging. The whole objective is to maintain the quarter on your foot during your swings. If you have bad balance, the quarter falls off. If the quarter remains, your balance is looking good.

By implementing and practicing these drills, you will find that your good driver golf swing, turns into a great one in very little time.