A Golfing Adventure In Paradise

by : Reed Langdon

Are you tired of Golfing at your local course. Have you been an avid golfer all of your life and want to give yourself the golfing experience of a lifetime. Head over to merry old England.

England has one of the oldest histories in the World. Go to England and play on courses that are hundreds of years old. Courses following the edge of the forest, laid out along the rolling hills or alongside the Ocean, with amazing views to be remembered. In fact always make sure you have a camera in your bag, for those very special shots.

Play on the same courses that have been traveled on by Kings and Queens. While you are there dont forget the other sights as well. Walk down streets that are older than our own Country. Visit the World famous art galleries, museums. View architecture that has shaped the way we build today.

View the countryside that Legends once walked upon, and all the time playing your favorite pastime Golf. Taking the time to decide not only where you want to play but also what sights you are looking forward to.

Are you looking for the large cities like London or do you want the quietness of a smaller rural course. A romantic get a way with your better half or a full tour of all that England has to offer. The right decision will make this trip most memorable.

Lets look at a few courses to give you an ideal of whats available. Cornwall, England is home to the Bude an North Cornwall Golf Club. A 18 hole seaside course that the sea breeze makes challenging. Year round play is available but a phone call is recommended in the winter months. Weather conditions are also most important, selecting only the best timing for your golfing travel adventures.

Another fine course is located in Merseyside, England. Featuring seaside links, my favorite for the view. This 18 hole course is set amongst the tall sand dunes providing the challenge you seek. This course also hosts championship Golf when the open is played at Royal Birkdale.

If you are only looking to stay in London then there are a few courses within Greater London.

The Dukes Meadows Golf Club is an 18 hole course with U.S.G.A standard greens.

The London Scottish Golf Club is another club located within London. It features a 18 hole course set within common woodlands.

Trent Park Public Golf Course is available year round and features a heated driving range as well as an 18 hole Parkland Course.

Outside of the City and scattered throughout England are Golf Clubs that cater to the traveling Golfer. With the Seaside Links and Parklands threaded throughout the country, Golfing across England would be a life altering experience.

Imagine the pictures, the stories and the friends that you would meet while playing that foursome. At the end of the day eating dinner with your newfound golfing friends or enjoying a pint at the 19th hole.

Make your plans for the trip of a lifetime. And dont stop with England, head over to the home of Golf, Scotland. Act like a teenager again and Golf across Europe or just perfect your game on some of the Worlds oldest courses.