Great Golfing Opportunities Abound in Las Vegas

by : Ray La Foy

The casinos might be fun for some, but others enjoy taking in a little outdoor scenery as well. When it comes to hitting the links, Vegas is the place to play in the desert. In addition to its multitude of gaming palaces, this big little city is renowned for its public and private golf courses. The choices for visitors are mind boggling and each course, it seems, has its own unique draws.

The Greater Las Vegas area is home to more than 60 golf courses. This includes private, semi-private and public courses. The courses range from championship quality links to more modest learner's courses, making the area ideal for anyone to play golf. The additional perks are many, too, considering the resort-style air that permeates the city.

For those who enjoy the big name appeal, many of Las Vegas' courses are world known. Some of the courses here have been developed by the golf world's most well known celebrities, too. In fact, there are courses designed by the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and even Billy Casper. Many famous golfers take time out to practice between big tournaments within the boundaries of Vegas, too. Those who make their way to the desert paradise for a few practice rounds include such notables as Tiger Woods. Other celebs can often be found on the courses, including sports greats, political dignitaries and more. It's hard to say who a golfer might bump into on any given day.

So, why do golfers love Vegas? It's simple: quality courses, challenging play and virtually year-round beautiful weather. The desert does have some advantages for sportsmen and weather is in the top 10. Of course, the other big draw (beyond the Strip) would be the fact so many of the Vegas course have been designed by top pros. Can you imaging playing on Arnold Palmer's dream course?

Beginners, intermediate and even advanced players will find the courses in Vegas have a lot to offer. For those just starting out, the city is home to a number of professional golf schools for basic and even advanced instruction.

While the craps tables might get more attention, golf has not been overlooked here. The city, in fact, had more than 600,000 rounds of resort golf played in the year 2004 and that number seems to climb higher every year.

In addition to offering some great playing fields, Vegas is also ideal for spectators of the sport. This community often hosts major tournaments. It was, in fact, the location of Tiger Woods' first PGA Tour win in 1996. The city has been home to such tournaments as those in the LPGA tour, the Seniors Tour, and even the NCAA Championships.

Las Vegas might be about the Strip for many, but when it comes to golf action, this city doesn't forget its other players. With world class courses mixing with more beginner ideal places to play, Vegas visitors don't have to spend all their time indoors. The tables might be fun at night, but for golf lovers, the greens are the only thing that will do during the day.