Tasteful Home Decorating Changes Your House Into a Home

by : Mike Yeager

There is this undocumented story about Andrew Carnegie who kept postponing the decision to redecorate his home just because black, his default color of choice, was simply not used in home decorating those days! Mercifully today, you could well translate your home decorating ideas into alluring reality. For home interior decorating no longer means just coloring your walls in pastel shades and showing off your antiques – it is about using all the home decorating tips that one can get to highlight the most of what one possesses. Unless of course you wish to shrug the opportunity and call in a professional designer. But even this experience could be fascinating – what with 'walk-throughs' in your 'virtually' designed home before even a single coat of paint is applied! Yes, with home decorating, either way you always come up trumps!

Use home decorating tips to your advantage!

Your décor should exude your persona. Want it to appear spacious? Eliminate shadows with diffused, ambient lighting. Avoid ceiling lights which make the ceiling appear low. Your ceiling should always wear the lightest color in the room. Then the pastel shades on your wall would help create that feeling of largeness. Limit the use of patterns to accent pieces – the discerning eye should not stop as it travels across the room. And if you want a cozy pad, do just the opposite – use strong colors and heavy, soft textures. Draw attention to that precious grandfather clock with carefully directed light. And if you must, make up your bathroom – in exquisite black – and eliminate that permanently booked suite at New York’s Windsor Hotel – à la Andrew Carnegie