Being The Best Golf Player You Can Be

by : David Riewe

Just like any other game, to be considered a good golf player goes beyond having an average score of below 80. While skill at playing the actual game is commendable, a holistic view is needed to achieve a well-rounded game.

To play good golf, you have to get down past the three areas of:

- fitness,
- practice,
- and etiquette.


- Keeping one's body and mind in shape is a key element to becoming a good, if not great, golfer. Looking after your body and making sure it's in shape not only gets you to perform better on the course, it also ensures you that you can enjoy golf even well into your years.

- Achieve bodily fitness by eating right and exercising regularly. Maintain cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone that suits the game of golf. Some indicators of physical fitness are your blood pressure and your BMI (body mass index). Consult with your doctor on what levels are right for your age and body type.

- Mental fitness is also just as important. Find ways to relieve yourself of stress. Develop a regular meditation time alone or with family/friends. Keep your mind sharp by exercising it with reading or with puzzles like crosswords.


- Develop a regular and consistent practice routine. Many find themselves wanting to play more and practice less when it is the opposite that gets better results as far as scores go. By practicing more, you develop techniques and muscle memory that will carry well into your game.

- A good play to practice ratio is 1:2, that is, for every hour of golf you play, you will do 2 hours of practice. This may not be done all in the same day. It is advised to alternate practice and play days so as not to work out too much.

- Continue your education on the game. Not just because you know how to play means you already know everything there is. Remember that there is always something new you can learn so either enroll in a class or take up a lesson or two with a more advanced player. Do this at least on an annual basis. Constantly wanting to level up your golf skills shows your dedication to become a better player than your were the year before.


- Being a great player on the course and on the practice field is nothing if you are not a good person to play with. While golf may be a solitary sport, it does not mean that rudeness is condoned. As a gentleman's game, rules pertaining to respecting others are of utmost importance.