Golf Exercises Dont Have To Be Grueling

by : Mike Pedersen, Cpt

Golf exercises are viewed by the majority of golfers as "work".That is why it is so difficult to convince golfers that golfexercises can be fun and don't have to wipe you out physically.

I've worked with many golfers in person and with my online golfperformance sites, who were shocked to realize how much fun andmotivating golf exercises can be.

Don't picture going into a sweaty, smelly gym and liftinggod-awful weights. No...picture doing golf exercises that mimicyour golf swing and have a direct impact on your power, accuracyand consistency.

This new outlook will be a huge motivating factor in the successof your golf exercise program. When you envision the end result,it makes it all worthwhile.

It's also a double benefit!

Doing golf exercises that closely mimic your golf swing, willnot only improve the strength and flexibility of your golf swingquickly, but reinforce your swing technique off the course. Thisdouble benefit will transform your game.

Get ready for powerful drives, accurate approach shots, andscores that will plummet.

Golf exercises can be done with very affordable and portableequipment saving you time, money and convenience. The thought ofgoing to a gym; or having to join a gym to get started will keepyou from starting indefinitely.

Your golf exercises can be done in your home, office or even ahotel room with exercise tubing, a pair of handweights, andmaybe a stability ball if you want to get a little morecreative.

They are not golf exercises if they are on a machine (especiallyseated ones). How can a seated machine help your golf swing,when your golf swing is done on your feet, in a very dynamicposition require timing, sequence of motion, and stability toname a few?

So next time your golfing buddy says he's doing golf exercises,ask him (her) what they're doing specifically. If he/she saysthey go to the gym and use the machines, you won't have to sayanymore.

Fueled with the above, affordable equipment you are ready toembark on your golf exercises.