The Absolute Best Way to Strengthen Your Core for the Golf Swing

by : Sean Cochran

Different types of core exercises exist. Many of you areprobably familiar with an exercise such as the sit-up, which isa great exercise that can be utilized to train the core. If youhave read any of our other articles, you are well aware of whatthe word core means, and its relation to the golf swing. Let usdo a quick review for your benefit, and introduce the types ofcore exercises to perform for your golf swing.

The core is an anatomical region of the body. It can generallybe defined as the part of your body between the hips and chest.It in encompasses many muscles groups on the front, side, andbackside of the body. In general the core consists of themuscles that make up your; abdominals, lower back, obliques, andhips.

The core region is important to the golf swing for many reasons.The core is essentially called the "engine" of the body. It isthe area that "drives" the body for most any human movement,including your golf swing. It is primarily responsible for thecapacities of: balance, stability, and power development withinthe body. For these capacities to occur efficiently it isnecessary to train the core for improved performances.

Core Training Concepts

Many of us correlate core training to only the abdominal sectionof the body. In order to develop the core correctly for the golfswing, we must train all areas of the core equally. This meansto address the obliques, hips, and lower back with the samenumber of exercises and repetitions as you do for the commonlytrained abdominal region.

A quick note from experience: More times than none, the majorityof individuals have what are termed "imbalances" in the coreregion. This statement means that certain muscles or musclegroups are weaker than others. The key for optimal performancein golf is to have a balanced core when it comes to thestrength, endurance, and power levels in the muscles within thisarea of the body. Keeping this thought in mind, many times thelower back region is "weaker" than the abdominals (imbalancedcore or not balance core as we like to say). If this is thecase, additional attention/exercises are needed for the lowerback, to bring it "up to speed" so to speak, in level with theabdominals.

Moving forward, knowing that we must train the entire core andcreate balance between all the muscles. It is time to discusswhat type of exercises to utilize in training the core region.To develop the core region for golf you will want to performexercises in the following categories: stability (balance),strength, endurance, and power. All four of these categories arenecessary for an optimal swing. Leaving one of the categorieslisted above out of your training program is like building aboat with a hole in it. It won't work!

Let us define the differing training categories of a "golfspecific core program" to help you better understand the purposebehind each category. The categories of core training areincorporated in golf training are: 1) Stability (balance)training, 2) strength training, 3) endurance training, and 4)power training.

Stabilization exercises are exercises that develop the balancecapabilities of the body. A large portion of your balancecapability is directly related to the core region of the body.We know that if you are unable to maintain your balance throughout the golf swing. The efficiency of the swing, contact withthe ball, and club head speed, will be compromised. For example,when you swing your driver and are not able to maintain thatperfect "finished position", the problem may be related to youability to balance.

Balance training develops the integration of your neural andmuscular systems. Improvement in the functioning of these twosystems of the body and integration of these two systems willresult in a better swing. Follow the logic and it will all makesense. If you improve the ability of your body to balance, thenthe ability to maintain balance within your golf swing willbecome easier. Implementation of exercises into your coreprogram that improve your balance (stabilization) capacitiesthen a direct transfer into your golf swing will result.

The golf swing requires that certain body parts remain in astable position, while other body parts are moving. Theseactions occur simultaneously. To perform a powerful golf swing,the body must have the capacities to perform this action.

In order to perform the above activity it is required to developthe strength parameters of the core. If you have a weak corethen the ability to maintain a posture, keep a posture, andperform this over a period of time will be compromised. Torepeat, the core region of the body is involved in thestabilization process of the body. To improve this capacity, wemust train the body to be more efficient at stabilizing itselfduring the golf swing. Strength exercises develop and improvethis capacity within your body for the purpose of improving yourgolf swing.

The golf swing is a repetitive movement performed by the body.You are doing the same activity over and over. An efficient golfswing and good scores require that you perform the same swing onthe 18th hole as you do on the 1st hole. If you are unable torepeat your swing mechanics of your swing will suffer, as willyour scores. To eliminate this situation it is necessary todevelop the endurance capacities of the core region. Enduranceexercises allow the body to perform the same activity over andover without getting fatigued. As a result of the golf swingbeing a repetitive athletic movement, endurance training willenhance the ability to maintain your optimal swing mechanicsover an extended period of time.

Power Exercises are geared towards improving the power outputsof the body. The core region of the body is directly related totorque development in the golf swing. Power can also be definedas torque (rotational power) when discussing the golf swing. Inorder to create high amounts of club head, it is required of thebody to create large amounts of torque. Creating greater powerin the golf swing is the result of inputting power exercisesinto a comprehensive core training program.


In this article we have describe the core and how to train thecore specifically for the improvement of your golf game. A fewpoints to keep in mind from this article: 1) the core is aregion of the body that includes all muscles from your hips toyour chest, 2) you must develop the capacities of stability,strength, endurance, and power within the core for a benefit inyour game, and 3) the development of the core must be balancedin terms of all muscles involved, and in all the trainingcomponents (equal amounts of stability, strength, endurance, andpower) within the core. For more information of golf specifictraining please look at our website