The Ins and Outs of MMA Shorts

by : Phoenix Delray

Considering the way that mixed martial arts have been taking the country by storm, it is no wonder that MMA clothing (specifically, MMA shorts) are in high demand. All guys like to think that they are a little tougher than the average man, but when you see a dude walking around town wearing MMA shorts, chances are you will be more likely to try to stay on his good side.

Besides emphasizing and adding to your tough guy persona, mixed martial arts shorts will help you do better with the ladies. It is practically a proven fact that guys who wear MMA shorts get twice as many chicks as their cargo short wearing counterparts. Still, quantity is not everything. Not only do guys who wear MMA shorts get more women, they get hotter women. Yeah, thats right. Look it up, it is totally true.

In the event that things get a little rough and tumble, people wearing MMA shorts immediately have an advantage. Mixed martial arts shorts are specially designed to allow you for free movement through the waist, hip and leg. Have you ever tried pulling off a high kick in a pair of jeans? If you have, you probably know that you cannot kick as high as you would have if you were wearing something a little bit looser, perhaps even with an element of stretch.

Unlike jeans, MMA shorts will not keep you from kicking the crap out of things that are really tall. Basically, if you can extend your leg to kick something that is six feet tall, MMA shorts will not get in the way. This is because most of the MMA shorts that you can buy have a little touch of spandex blended into the material. This keeps the fabric from ripping as you go about your business wreaking havoc.

Plus, MMA shorts are extremely comfortable. Some clothes are too tight in some places, while being too baggy in others. Although some mixed martial arts shorts may be snug, they will never cut into your skin or make you wish you were wearing some other pair of pants. To tell you the truth, MMA shorts are so comfy, you will want to wear them all the time. It should be a crime to look so good while being so comfortable! Fortunately, it is not and you are unlikely to be arrested for only wearing MMA shorts.