Basic Wushu Etiquette

by : Yip See Kit

The basic wushu etiquette is derived from traditional China & Shaolin's etiquette & upon further modification & standardized with new meaning to it. It has become a standardize etiquette used internationally.
The Basic Wushu Etiquette Posture

1. Both feet together at attention

2. Left hand 4 fingers close up forming a palm, bending the thumb inwards

3. Right hand forming a fist

4. Left palm touching the right fist

5. Left fingers in parallel with the cheek

6. The hollow of the right fist facing the chest, both hands forming an arc away from the chest 20~30 mm

7. Elbow pointing down, head still, body erect, neutral spine and eyes on the opponent

Meaning of Basic Wushu Etiquette Posture

1. Left palm represent ethic, wisdom, sportsmanship & beauty. With these 4 components, it represents one with high personality. Bending of the thumb inwards means that one is neither arrogant nor proud and does not claim to be the best. The right fist represents both hardworking & diligent. With the left palm cover the right fist, it means one will instill discipline and not to create havoc to others.

2. Bending of both elbows in an arc represent internationally, that all the wushu practitioners belongs to one big family and should use wushu as a form of pointers exchange and sharing of experience.

3. The left palm refers to intellectual & the right fist referring to strength. In all, the basic wushu etiquette represents intellectual, strength, humble, respecting one another and always seeking knowledge from the seniors.