Mazhar Dardari Sensei

by : Jose

Mazhar Al-Dardari was born in Damascus in 19/9/1972. The founder of Aikido in Syria and he also founder the Aikido Dardari ryu. Sensei Mazhar Al-Dardari started his sport life at the age of four of doing Judo. At the age of sixteen he practiced the boxing and won several championships. He trained in the United Arab Emirates on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. In 1993 he commencement exercising Aikido and became on of the most important practitioner. In 1998, he left to Spain to complete his training. In 2000 he returned to Syria for the dissemination of this art in his country. Al-Dardari participated in several international courses and presentations worldwide on the European and the Asian continent. He was known as the Aikido Giant because the Aikido name was tied to his name in Syria and Arab nation. He also subjected to special training in Britain and Japan at the hands of the most skilled experts of this Art in the world. One of them was Dosho Moriteru Ueshiba the grandson of Aikido founder and the president of the World Federation of Aikido. Al-Dardari is a member of the World Federation of Aikido and he visited Japan many times to train at the world federation of Aikido (hombu Dojo). The most recent one in 2007, after that he returned to Syria to disseminate the new style Aikido Dardari ryu.