Aikido Dardari Ryu

by : Jose

Aikido Dardari ryu: is a new Aikido technique. Found by Mr. Mazhar Al-Dardari who was born in Damascus, 1972.

Al-Dardari ryu is different from other Methods of hostilities and philosophical as it is far from realistic attitudes prepared in advance, and this method includes a wide range of techniques that are violent, locks, locks reverse, strikes and ground engagement in addition to combat weapons and conventional attacks and Unconventionality.

It is briefly comprehensive system of self-defense and defense of others.

The concepts of dynamic Dardari ryu based on the principles of control of the opponent through several strategies, including breach balance techniques for the control of the adversary, the use of beatings with the elbow, the fist sequentially to reach areas articulated and pressure to neutralize the opponent, and Earth Force to weaken and eliminate the opponent.

The founder of this method did not take it upon itself inventing techniques but to develop techniques to be more realistic and effective as part of an educational system designed within the educational system designed to telling and all age groups living in our modern societies.

The essence of Dardari ryu involves attack, defense and exploitation of attitudes and tools available to fight any attacks and eliminate them. The concepts, principles and applications of scientific realism is the essence of this method, and away from the history of art of any combatant and roots, Al-Dardari ryu is the modern fight style that commensurate with this period of time.