How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

by : Sasha James

I really want to look like someone who actually lifts weights. I want to gain muscle mass fast, I want to learn how to pack on an extra ten to twenty pounds of muscle mass before summer. Can you please help me out? This is usual demand I'm faced with, literally on daily basis. Many people do experience difficulties while trying out hard to gain muscle.

And since majority (at least from people I coach ) desire to build muscle fast but safely this subject meter really demands serious approach and complete answer. I am happy to say that learning how to gain muscle fast is not as hard as some would make you believe. It also not as easy as you might think either. But, if you want maximum results you must be prepared to train smart. I'm not saying you should wimp out during your workouts. I want to give you a big picture which will empower you to accelerate your results. Here are some of the most popular advice I give to the hard gainer when he wishes to gain muscle fast:

1.Keep the reps under ten.

If you go beyond 10 reps you are emphasizing your slow-twitch muscle fibers which have the not so much propensity for muscle growth. If you desire fast muscle gain you need to recruit the maximal amount of muscle fibers in every set. Keep in mind one rule: 11th rep is forbidden and trespassing there is useless.

If you really want to gain muscle fast than get your mind into heavy lifting mode. In all sets of all exercises you perform use such weights that you can't go over 10 reps. This is a challenging approach and it opens new frontiers. It pushes you over the border of a "comfort zone" in way you will not feel bad but on contrary , you will like it.

2.Shorten the rest.

If you perform more work in less time result you get is increased workout capacity. Benefits of boosting your workouts intensity and capacity are very powerful. Here is simple tip you can use: tomorrow when you enter the gym, make plan to complete your current workout in less time and with higher intensity.

Best way to do it is to make shorter rests between the sets. Move from one exercise to the next much faster then you are use to. If you realize you are out of shape don't be surprised ! Cutting the rest periods is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your muscle density and fast forward your muscle growth.

3. One muscle group - one exercise.

How is this possible? Are you sure ? (I can almost hear your question, forgive me if I'm wrong). Yes, only one, I'm completely sure. Unless you want to slow down your advancement better start using this principal. Together with other tips I give you here, your workouts will simply explode your advancement. Your aim is to spark your muscles into growth.

You don't want to exhaust them to death by performing two or more exercises per muscle group. Muscles are responding a unknown assault, therefore body is forced to adapt and create new muscle mass. In that way body protects to prevent future assaults. Therefore, in order to gain new muscle quickly, it is crucial that you give your maximum in one exercise per muscle group.

4. Five sets per one muscle group - max!.

Here we have one more stumble block most weight lifters are facing. I know that you are bombarded with muscle building "heavy set" approaches opposed to this. Let me be straightforward: if you are a steroid user or if your genetics is extremely muscle friendly than you can peacefully neglect this advice, otherwise not. Best results you will draw if you apply this strategy.

After you warm up first two sets you should do with ~ 85% of your maximal effort. The third set at 95% maximal effort and the last two sets at 100% maximal effort. Remember: Only this last set contributes to the greatest muscle growth. Any effort over this will only exhausts the muscles and hinder your muscle recovery. The last set is where you should menage 1-2 extra reps or few extra pounds than on your last workout. Do that all the time and you will spark your muscles to growth fast.

5. Advance and track.

Biggest mistake I see around gyms I visit is that people do not keep track their progress. If you repeat week-after-week same workouts, lifting same (or not properly increased) weights, you will not witness fast muscle growth. How do you expect to gain muscle fast if you continue to lift the same weights each workout? Our bodies knot how to respond to stress. Attack with weights will make it grow. Good strategy will let it grow bigger. It's a actually simple concept.

Just make sure you have clear goals and you work hard to achieve them. From my experience last 12 years best results are proven by house weight lifters who aimed minimum of 5% strength increase every two weeks. Can you imagine , in six months from now, you can really be over twice as strong as you are now!

Also you should use advantage of technology and keep track of your advancement. Just write down your increases in all particular lifts line bench presses, biceps curls etc. If you are doubting these tips effectiveness because they are quite different from typical muscle building advices that is OK with me.

I just know their effectiveness is proved in real life of hundreds and thousands people who used them successfully to transform their physics. When I first started using them properly I was literally blown away from the their power and effectiveness. I defeated my skinny genetics and learned how to gain muscle mass fast by not following the herd. You should decide for your self.