Should You Train Your Muscles To Lose Weight?

by : Brad Martinson

Training your muscles is a crucial part of fitness and exercise. If you are want to lose some pounds then it is essential that you incorporate some muscle building activities into your training. Losing weight is all about burning calories. It means burning fat and one way to do that is to build your muscles. Many people think this is a contradiction. It is not. The more muscle you develop the more energy your body will burn. This in turn results in weight loss success. This means you can achieve two things at once: Losing where you don't want it and building up the parts of your body you want to.

Muscle training does not have to be a daily grind of lifting weights in the gym. There are many classes or exercise programs you can follow that will help with building your muscles. Most gyms have classes like total body fitness or group power lifting.

Normally classes like this use several types of training equipment - including barbells, hand weights and others. A typical class lasts for a hour and works every muscle group in the body from the triceps to the chest down to the legs.

It seems that women in particular enjoy these types of strength training classes more than men. That is a shame since the exercise benefits of a regimented one-hour full body workout are considerable. Men typically enjoy working out the muscle groups by adding bulk. However, they do not consider adding muscle endurance. Strength training classes help to shape and tone your muscles into lean mass without the bulk. In addition, since the instructor pushes you along during the class at a very rapid pace, there is a bit of cardiovascular benefit as well. One final note about going to an instructor lead strength training class: they can ensure that you are doing the exercises with the correct form to help you avoid injury.

What if you don't like fitness classes? You don't have to get yourself large racks of weights to get the desired results. Hand weights will be ok and there are many strength exercises that require no equipment like the simple pushup. It is a great idea to get a DVD or to help you with your exercise. A good finess program to follow will help keep you on track, motivated and more likely to do the exercises correctly without injuring yourself.

Many people go to the gym to lift weights. This is another way to develop strength in your muscles. Typical regimens include alternating days of upper body work with lower body work. For instance, on Monday and Thursday you might work your upper body, while on Tuesday and Friday you might work your lower body. This gives the muscles time to repair and grow between workouts. Most weight lifting programs involve lifting in sets. For instance you might do three sets of ten repetitions of bench press exercises. It all depends on your personal goals how many sets and repetitions of each that you attempt to do.