Nutrition Rules For Skinny Fat People

by : Jimmy Smith

Muscle building can be really easy unless you are a skinny fat person. If you have skinny arms and legs but add fat on your stomach easily like I do then you need to listen to these nutrition rules. I have spent years in libraries and seminars to find the secret nutrition methods for skinny fat people like us. Being skinny and fat has everything to do with our nutrition and a lot less with the amount of calories that we eat or the amount of carbohydrates that we eat.

Skinny fat people must primarily eat protein and fat with every meal
I get really mad when I see nutrition coaches recommending that everyone needs to eat protein and carbohydrates with their meals. That just is not true for skinny fat people. You see combining protein and carbohydrates will actually encourage your body to store more fat on your stomach. Instead, by eating protein with healthy fats you encourage your body to burn fat. How?

Regular people can eat moderate amounts of healthy fat and be ok. Skinny fat people need to rely on fat for fuel and as a result need more healthy fats that are found in almonds, cashews, natural peanut butter and fish. This type of healthy fat can actually aid in reducing the waistline. See, omega three fats like I recommend actually help to burn sugar and reduce stress, which is one of the main reasons that skinny fat people add more fat on their stomach.

Skinny fat people must love fish oil
Fish oil is my number one recommended supplement for solving the skinny fat mystery. Fish oil has many important benefits to skinny fat people but none more important than the ability to decrease sugar and stress. When I say decrease sugar and stress, I am implying to the immense benefits that fish oil have on increasing metabolism. The problem that skinny fat people face is the ability to increase their metabolism through training, we just can not raise it the same way that skinny people who walk on the treadmill all day.

Fish oil raises your metabolism while also helping you to build muscle. Fish oil allows you to force your protein and carbohydrates into where you need, your muscle. People that just eat carbohydrates do not have this benefit.

Skinny fat people need to drink green tea
This is another big secret into how skinny fat people can build muscle and burn fat. There really is not anything that green tea can not help you with. Not only does it increase stress which all skinny fat people have but will also raise your metabolism anywhere from five to ten percent according to recent research.

When taken after your workout it can also help to keep your metabolism high for hours after you have left the gym.

Skinny fat people must always eat fibrous carbohydrates

This is another tip that as helped me to reshape countless skinny fat bodies. Carbs with fiber do not raise blood sugar in the same way that foods like pasta and white bread. As a result, you do not increase the ability of your body to store fat. Most skinny fat people have done this countless times and keep shooting themselves in the foot. Eating carbs like oatmeal and sweet potatoes not only keeps your blood sugar stable but it also helps you to use your problem better than if you just ate a high protein diet.