Exercise Band Workouts and Benefits

by : Rob Ryan

Exercise bands have become a mainstream method for resistance type workouts due to their low cost and effective benefits for burning fat, getting tone, muscle building and strength training. Exercise band workouts are also safer than using free weights.

Strength training equipment such as the Nautilus type equipment that uses weights attached to a cable and pulley system are very effective but also very expensive and take up large amounts of space. Another is the BowFlex that uses a principle of stiff resistance bands and is also very effective but once again, expensive and not a space saver.

With a proper anchoring system and the ability to get proper resistance and movement, exercise bands not only are just as effective but can actually exceed these expensive contraptions. Reason being, with cleverly and accurately anchored bands, you can literally exercise every major muscle group, which is exactly what you should want for a True Full Body Workout Program for burning fat and building muscle.

These resistance bands can also allow the exerciser the ability to perform intense workouts and with the correct amount of resistance can build muscle very effectively by performing fluid repetitions to the point of muscle failure or between 8 and 12 reps. People wanting to lose weight and get tone will perform vigorous fat burning workouts and will utilize up to 25 repetitions. Results will depend on how often and how long the workouts are.

There are many different types of exercise bands on the market today and most of them can be found on the Web. Some are single bands with different ranges of resistance and are identified by a color code. A more suitable method is the type that allows for easy placement and removal of bands so that as time goes on and your strength increases, you are able to increase the amount of bands that you are now cabable of safely handeling and you can do a larger variety of exercises with this method.

In order to achieve a full body workout that will allow you to aquire a physique that has an attractive continuity, you will need an anchoring system that can exercise all the major muscle groups effectively. It also should allow you to perform numerous exercises per muscle group so you not only are workingout the entire muscle but will be able to mix it up to avoid boredom.

Resistance bands are also being used for physical therapy, including wheelchair bound individuals. Persons recovering from injury, arthritis and many other physical deficiencies, will discover they can safely recover or recuperate completely with a calculated regimen. Of course a physical therapist should be present in many cases.

If you don't have a good anchoring system, you will be very limited to the amount of exercises you'll be able to perform thus the amount of muscle groups. Placing bands under feet and performing bicep curls is probably the most popular and known technique. This same method is also effective if you turn your palms downward and pull up to work the shoulders. Also, palms down, and feet on band, pull the right band across your left breast and visa-versa to work the chest muscles.

An anchoring system that affords easy band attachment to exercise all major muscle groups can get anyone into optimal shape and physical condition. Athletes have also noticed the benefits of a good exercise band workout and are deploying bands into their regimens.