Eating Plan for Lean Mass Building

by : Sasha James

You do need eating plan that has the most adaptability to meet your individual conditions and needs. So many Weight Lifters face the problems here. Time is precious recourse today and we all have busy schedules. I get this question very often so here I want to give you the basic knowledge and some ideas. You can't just "get around", you know that without proper system and nutrition you wont grow or at least not enough.

First thing is: please stop searching for the "perfect" diet. People are often times distracted looking for "secret supplement" or less-painful diet that requires no discipline. And ALL of them get the reactions which you don't even want to imagine. Then because all this "shortcuts" doesn't work at all or at least not as quickly or effectively as they expected, they blame the diet - and not their standards or expectations. This is insane, you may say but it is unfortunate reality of those without proper system and guidance.

Many advertised diet plans may to different people look O.K. for different reasons good besides their effectiveness. For the meat eating fans the Atkins's Diet, for example, may seem great. For those who love to eat salads and vegetables Zone Diet may seem to be the best. Even a strict, bodybuilding diet may to some people to be the best option to some people because they do not like to make decisions for themselves on a continual basis or because they like so much the taste of meal replacements.

I know that many people just got stacked and confused with their over attempt to find the "perfect" diet. Unfortunately, that desire to discover a shortcut is very unproductive and dangerous for the advancement in getting real lean mass muscle fast. There is no painless alternative to sacrifice and discipline. To those who mistakenly believe is that it just becomes a stumble block and the same idea prevents them from even getting started.

By perfect, I'm referring to a diet that tastes good, allows plenty of food to be eaten, helps you shed body fat and build muscle-quickly and with no pain for you. Also, the perfect diet must allow you that you can go off it every once in awhile, or whenever you want, without causing major problems to your progress.

As I always say, "God did price-tagged everything." If you've accumulated excess fat and desperately want to get rid of it, you are going to pay the price. It is different price for different things to be paid. You may be spending a little more time sweating on a treadmill, feeling hungry sometimes even if you do not like it , skipping some of those "cheat meals" you have forced it to your diet plan, or all of this. Whatever method you choose, there will be some sacrifice, discipline, and pain involved in the dieting process. It works out that way and please do remember - only this way! I would be lying to you if I told you something else. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just misleading and cheating you.

When it comes to dieting to fat loss, you can not go around the hard work. If you aren't burning enough calories, aren't dieting for a long enough or you do not use a combination of these factors, your diet isn't going to work for you. WHY? It is because you haven't found the "right" diet for your body yet. Do not explain it with reasons like "I'm cursed with an incredibly slow metabolism".

And it's not because you don't know enough about supplementing. It's not because you don't have enough experience. It's not because you don't know enough about the finer intricacies of dieting. It's not because the ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat are 40-40-20 instead of 50-40-10 or even 40-30-20. It isn't because you are carbohydrate sensitive. It isn't because you can't afford the right nutritional supplements. It isn't because your body has hit a plateau either. Do you want me to list more "why not reasons"?

If you have more body fat than you want to have, the only reason is that you are eating too much food to meet your objective-period. You must:

a) Either eat less food or

b) Lower your standards for what you expect.

You need to eat those meals on a consistent basis to see results. Again I'll repeat here - no shortcuts. To build big massive body, you must eat the right amount of calories spread out evenly throughout the day. Those calories need to be taken in frequent meals. And, off course, keep those meals in the proper (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) ratio in order to help out fast massive muscle growth. If you manage to follow these basic eating principles on a consistent basis there is nothing in your way to produce results you want.