Brine Soccer Balls

by : KR

Many years ago an entrepreneur had a brilliant idea.? Make soccer balls in colors.? It was this simple idea that helped launch one of the most successful soccer brands... Brine.

Brine offers a full line of soccer balls, shin guards, goalie gloves and accessories.? They have brought innovation, technology and quality to the sport over the years and their current line of products brings those qualities to the table.

On the team end of the line 5 different soccer balls make up the majority of ball sales.? The purpose of this article is to explore those soccer balls so that you will be better able to make your selection.? All of the available models can be purchased through and links to each type of ball will be provided.? In fact review videos are also available if you follow the links.

Brine BC105 Championship

Let's start off with the top of the line tournament ball.? The Brine BC105 Championship soccer ball has become an icon in the industry.? It is in use through out the country and has been tested again and again by teams only to come out on top.? A premium high performance glossy PU cover keeps this baby coming back for more while inside it boasts a true-touch latex bladder for optimal control.? Brine recommends the Championship for match level play but who doesn't want to use the best.? I use a BC105 in my backyard with the kids.? The Brine BC105 Championship meets NCAA and NFHS specifications for tournament play.? Add in a manufacturers 3 year unconditional guarantee and you are hard pressed to explain why you don't buy this ball.

Brine BC145 Phantom

Available in a ton of colors and priced to keep a smile on your face the Phantom is second in command.? A shiny abrasion resistant PU cover keeps it lookin' shiny and new while the AirTech bladder works behind the scene for optimal air retention and a true bounce.? The Phantom features hand stitched quality and is recommended by Brine for match level play.? I have heard a lot of players calling the Phantom a practice ball and the only reason I can come up with for this is the price.? Have no doubts however, the Brine BC145 Phantom is 100% thoroughbred and ready for match action.? The Phantom, like it's older brother, meets NCAA and NFHS specifications for tournament play and features a manufacturers 3 year unconditional guarantee.? Unconditional!? How often do you hear that these days.

Brine IHS32 International

Old faithful, the International Hand Sewn, has been around for as long as I can remember.? This ball has undergone some minor changes over the years and can hold its own against its more expensive cousins.? The Brine IHS32 is a top quality match ball and is recommended by Brine for club and high school level play.? The ball is NCAA and NFHS approved for tournament play.? The cover on the International is a high grade PU for durability and it features a latex bladder.? A multi layer backing adds to handling.? The Brine IHS32 International comes complete with a 2 year manufacturer's unconditional guarantee.

Brine SBVOR2 Voracity

vo?ra?city -? Having or marked by an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit;?

That just about says it.? The Voracity is on the scene.? Hands down this ball offers the best bang for the buck.? While it doesn't have the finesse of the Championship or Phantom this ball still beats the competition all day long.? Check out this feature list...

-????????? abrasion resistant PU cover

-????????? soft cover technology

-????????? Air-Lock C-2 bladder

-????????? uniform pressure dispersion

-????????? maximum air retention bladder

-????????? hand stitched quality

-????????? 2 year manufacturers unconditional guarantee

-????????? NFHS seal

The top selling feature of this ball, the cherry on top if you will, is the NFHS seal.? Yep, finally a quality ball at a practice price that comes complete with the NFHS seal.? Use it for practice, use it for games, use it for your tournament or feed it to the dog.? At this price level you can't go wrong.

Brine SBATK4 Attack

Best I can figure is this ball was named the Attack because it represents a full out attack on the competition.? With this ball Brine is making a statement...? "Stop buying cheap machine made balls all together."? This ball is priced so low it beats the socks of those import practice balls all day long.? The Brine Attack features a highly durable PVC cover, Airtight butyl bladder for superior air retention and a 1 year manufacturers unconditional guarantee.? An unconditional guarantee on economy price ball... hope old Beelzebub has a winter jacket if you know what I mean.?

Any way you shake it Brine has covered all the bases for soccer teams.? Check out the above balls at where you will find video reviews and a huge selection of soccer equipment for all your teams names.