Dc United Wins 2-1 Over Chicago Fire

by : Stephen Lars

DC United obtained its first triumph in history at the Toyota Park stadium, after winning 2-1 over the Chicago Fire in a game that ended with only nine players.

Helped by a throw from the Mexican Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Chad Barrett scored in the minute 27 to open the scoreboard for the "City of the Winds" team, but the Bolivian Jaime Moreno drew the board at the minute 63 and the Brazilian Luciano Emilio managed to take the advantage at the 92 minute.

The Chicago team has certainly wasted the opportunity to approach the leader of the East Division; the New England Revolution with 23 points while Chicago holds 19 points.? At the same time, DC left the bottom spot with a total of 13 points with the fourth victory leaving Kansas City in the last place.

The Mexican Cuauhtemoc Blanco was thought to be a key player after his outstanding performance at the game with the New York Bulls where DC beat them 5-1.

During the game the visiting team's players were not lucky as defense Bryan Namoff was shown the red card and the team remained with nine players during the last minutes of the game.

On the other hand, the Argentinean Marcelo Gallardo was DC United's team builder planning advances and generating several approaches during the first half, but Chicago Fire goal keeper Jon Busch also began to grow with noticeable interventions to avoid goals.

Despite the lack of emotions during the first minutes the visitors began to take the control of the game although after the minute 25 when the Chicago's squad began to step with danger the area of the host team.?

Gallardo was who distributed the balls for the Brazilian Luciano Emilio and the Bolivian Jaime Moreno, only DC United failed to beat Jon Busch.?

Thirty minutes into the game the Brazilian Fred entered the area through the left side and surpass several players but Busch stopped his intention again. Busch did also stop other possibilities, which did not materialized for the team.

Unfortunately, Cuauhtemoc Blanco did not do much for the rest of the game as his light began to fade. Then Brandon Prideaux and the Argentinean Marcelo Gallardo were asked to step out of the field.

During the minute 63 the push came due to an action from Luciano Emilio who took advantage of the bad action of two defenses, entered to the area through the right side and crossed the unexpected shot.

The tactical movements came later and replacements of the key players without greater changes in the development of the game.? All seemed destine to finish in a draw but the additional expulsion came due to a fault against Blanco.

With this superiority in the field the hosts advanced lines in search of the victory and the second goal for the win came at the minute 92 and a new story was written at the MLS where the weak teams seemed to be growing stronger which could lead to upcoming surprises.