Atletico Madrid to Return to the Champions League

by : Stephen Lars

The Argentinean Sergio 'Kun' Aguero has certainly become quite a success story in Europe, as he currently is the Atletico Madrid high-scorer of the season. He also helped to have his team return to the Champions League; an event that had not taken place in eleven years besides adding their best record of points since the unforgettable 1995-96 season.

One of his best weapons is his defense, which confirmed him as one of the number one world's football talents with a total of 19 points during the season and to only one year of his debut in the league.

Aguero, who is the winner of the EFE Trophy to the best Latin American player in the Spanish League, was indeed supported by the Uruguayan Diego Frolan who also score 16 goals totals. This explosive combination made the Atletico arise finishing the tournament with a total of 66 points.

Additionally, this is the second season of the Mexican Coach Javier Aguirre with the red-and-white club and the Atletico has already qualified for the Champions League therefore; Aguirre will proceed with his contract as he achieved the team's primary goals. This is certainly a very good omen as the Atletico returns to the maximum European tournament after their loss at the Vicente Cauldron stadium where they lost to the Ajax of Amsterdam.

The team has also moved one of its key players as Fernando Torres was transferred to Liverpool; besides investing more than 75 million Euro in eight acquisitions; the Italian-Brazilian Thiago Motta, RaÃ?l Garcia, the Italian Christian Abbiati, Luis Garcia, the Uruguayan Diego ForlÃ?n, Jose Antonio Kings, the Brazilian Cleber Santana and the Portuguese Simao Sabrosa.

Since the beginning of the Spanish League tournament the first four positions were the team's target; which they were able to achieve for more less 24 weeks as the Atletico kept within the top four with notable advantage and a consistent game.

Furthermore; the team finished the season with a 64 points, 66 goals and 19 victories in the first division despite its alarming ups and downs of the second phase in which the red-and-white team was only capable of adding 27 of the 57 points. Indeed; a concerning situation which was obvious throughout the first months of the year with the Copa del Rey qualifying rounds, the quarterfinals against Valencia and the UEFA Cup game against Bolton. All this built upon Aguirre and made his situation very stressful.

But the red-and-white team ended that complicated period thanks to the help of 'Kun' Aguero, as the Atletico beat Barcelona 4-2 at the Vicente Cauldron stadium; the Argentinean player raised his team to the top and kept the course of the Spanish club towards the Champions League.

Eleven days later with the victory against the Deportivo La Coruna (1-0) in the champions' game the Atletico arrived to its desired objective leaving behind the irregularity and the defensive problems securing a place amongst the best of the league.