C.ronaldos Secrets of Dribbling Past Defenders

by : Gooser

Players dribble to either move into open space, create goal scoring opportunities and to maintain possession of the ball. As a player it's important during you all soccer training sessions that you are continually learning and maintaining your dribbling skills. Ensuring that you have the ability to execute moves with both feet.

Developing the ability to be able to perform dummies and tricks with both feet gives the dribbler the gift of being unpredictable, a player that is able to use both feet has the potential to beat a defender to either the left or the right. Being able to dribble and execute moves using both feet allows the attacker to dictate to the defender. Using both feet makes it hard for the defender to predict which way the attacker may go.

To succeed as an attacker against the defender 1V1, you must ensure that you approach the defender correctly. To beat a defender you must either put the defender off balance or make the defender over commit allowing you to go past the defender. It's important when dribbling at defenders that use your pace to your advantage, as the defender is often running backwards which makes it easier to you to change direction faster. It's important when dribbling at defenders that you create little angles that give you the advantage as the dribbler.

They are many tricks and dummies and attacker can use to either make the defender over commit or put the defender off balance. Such as the 360. To execute the 360, first, push the ball forward stop it with the sole of one foot while stepping past it, turn and drag the ball with the sole of the other foot continue turning all the way around and take the ball away from the defender. This move is extremely effective when the attackers touch is a little to be in a defender over commit thinking that he can win the ball before the attacker can. As you see the defender over commit perform the 360 allowing you to maintain possession of the ball and take that defender out of the game.

another move that allows an attacker to either keep the ball or beat a defender is the cut back (Cruyff turn). To perform the cut back either fake to shoot pass or cross the ball and in the one motion bring the ball back with the inside of the foot under the body. This move is extremely effective to making defenders over commit which allows you to dribble past the opposition. The move if performed correctly give the attacking player the necessary time and space to be able to pick out a team mate in a better position.

The secret to being a successful dribbler is consistently working hard to improve your technique and having the confidence in your own ability that you can beat any defender that you are confronted by. It's important when starting to learn new tricks and dummies that you take it slow and slowly build up the speed in which you perform the particular skill. The biggest letdown in most players when dribbling is a do not have enough confidence in their own ability that they will be the defender, they will often let the defender dictate the play and the dribbler will then slow down giving the advantage to the defender. When dribbling at a defender you must dribble at pace where it is comfortable to you to perform dummies but not to slow where it is not putting the defender back on his heels. Lastly it is important that you work hard in your soccer training to further enhance your skills.

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