Seven Soccer Shooting Tips

by : Mirsad Hasic


In this article I will provide you with valuable soccer shooting tips that will surely increase your overall soccer skills. You may reprint these tips and have them as a checklist while practicing on your shooting skills. Let's start...

Bigger Leg Muscles - Building bigger leg muscles will make it easier to shoot harder. However, you will also get more resistant against serious muscle injuries. However, you are not after some bodybuilder leg muscles. It is therefore vital for you to combine your leg training with ball training. One way is to lift weights one day and practice on shooting next day. By practicing like this you will be able to increase your muscle mass while you will maintain your flexibility and adaptability on the soccer field.

Shooting with accuracy - Shooting doesn't only mean kicking the ball with great force. What is more vital is to kick the ball with accuracy. If you can't kick the ball with accuracy then how do you then expect to get it on the goal? Of course, you may have luck and get one of this great hard shoots but believe me; you will score many more goals by having a solid accuracy.

Different methods for shooting - You should not only focus on improving one type of shoot. While practicing on your shooting skills you should try to use your instep, outside, and inside of foot. You can't just limit yourself to one shooting method as different situations require different types of shoot. For ex; it is better to shoot with the inside of your foot from 8-12 yards range. However, 20 + yards ranges are perfect for instep shoots.

Analyze your game - You should try to analyze your performance after every soccer game. You may for ex use a block and take notice on how many goals (if you scored any :-) you have scored, the amount of shoots that have hit the goal, how many times you have managed to dribble your defender and so on. By analyze your own performance you will be able to spot mistakes and correct them in the next game. However, you should try to not analyze your game after a defeat as you will be emotionally too involved.

Find a goalkeeper to practice with - It is great for your overall soccer skills to find a goalkeeper to practice with. You will also have much more fun comparing to practicing by yourself and an empty goal. A goalie will keep you more focused and you will also get a chance to practice on real game situations.

You may also set up a competition between you and the goalkeeper where the losers must buy a Coca Cola or Pizza. I can ensure you that you will do everything in you power to win that battle. I mean, is there any better than a cold Coca Cola and a juicy pizza? :-)

Watch LIVE or Professional Games on TV - This exercise doesn't require any physical efforts. However, you should try to watch professional soccer matches as often you can. Bring a note block and write down from which positions the professional players are shooting, which part of foot they use, what they to after the shoot and so on.

Satisfied is a No, No - You should never feel satisfied with your shooting skills. Keep in mind that there are always things you can improve and you should always try to improve these no matter how good you are.