Awesome Soccer Moves

by : Mirsad Hasic

Robinho Pullback Move

This move is usually performed in tight situations with one or two opponents around you. You will often see Robinho execute this move especially while playing on the flank. Study his movements and try to copy them.

Ronaldinho Flip Flap

This move can be hard to execute if you are new to soccer. You will probably need to practice on it a while before you can use it in a real game. However, you should not let that discourage you, just keep on practicing and the results will come, I promise.

Cruyff Move

As you already know this move was named after Cruyff the master of Dutch national team. This move is great when playing on the flank and having an opponent close to you.

Matthews move

Matthews move is pretty useful when facing a defender 1 v 1. As you already know the move is named after the great sir Matthews who was top 5 wingers ever. One of Stanley's main tasks on the field was establishing good play on the flank. He was also responsible for providing his attacking players with quality crosses and passes.

Cristiano R. move

The C.R move is great in situations 1 v 1. The move is executed by shifting the ball from your kicking foot to your supporting foot. As with every other move, if you execute it one properly you should be able to get around your opponent pretty easy.

Puskas Move

You will generally use Puskas move to get around your opponent while being in the 18 yard box. The move is great in tight situations with many opponents around you. Puskas himself used to execute this move several times per game and the funny thing is that opponent never realized how he was able to fool them time after time.

Riquelme Move

This one is my personal favorite and I have never seen any other player performing it beside Riquelme. To learn this one properly you will need great soccer skills. However, if you are new to soccer you should not get discouraged by that. Instead focus on practicing on this move everyday and the results will come.