Playing Soccer To Make New Friends

by : Jim Brown

Soccer is a sport that is played by many people all over the world. People like to play soccer because they think it is fun. They also like to play soccer because they want to meet new people and make new friends. There are many other reasons that people like to play soccer, but making friends is the most important to some players on the soccer field.

The object of the game of soccer is to get the ball across the field, past the goalie, and into the other team's net or goal. The team that does this will receive a point but every team member will have a part in getting the ball close enough for the goal to be scored. Getting the ball down the field is hard because there are so many rules that must be followed.

Making friends on the team helps people move the ball in a fast and efficient manner. Some players have played with other team players for many years and can almost know in advance how they will treat the ball when it comes within range of their feet. Since the rules apply to every player on the field, at least everyone will act responsibly when it comes their time to kick the ball.

The basic rule of soccer requires only one person the opportunity to hit the ball with their hands. Since everyone else is using their feet, that is where the players on the field will have their eyes trained. The goalie will have his eyes on the ball and all of the players on the opposing team, because he knows that he can use his feet, hands and body to block a shot and that shot could come from anywhere on the field.

People like to play the game of soccer because they think it is fun. The action on the field can get crazy at times when ten people are chasing and kicking a ball from one end of the field to the other. The players like chasing the ball around the field and the joy will show on many of their faces. Smiles are sure to be on every players face when their team scores a point and some might even scream in delight at the top of the lungs.

Of course, the other team will not be as happy but that point will certainly make them more determined. The action on the field is sure to be increased considerably as the opposing team tries to recoup that loss. They know that they are playing with friends but they still take playing the game of soccer very seriously and nobody on a soccer team wants to go home the loser.