Carpet Takes Center Stage

by : News Canada

(NC)—From soft, layered intricate vine and floral designs to multi-levelled patchwork weaves to tailored ribs, geometric loops and lattices to nubby, terry-like twists, there are more than 200 styles and 4,000 colours of wall-to-wall carpet on the market today. 'The unique and innovative patterns, textures, and colours that are available today, resulting from the latest fibre and manufacturing technologies, offer endless home styling options and are taking the spotlight at every floor show', says Leslie Beaumont, from Beaulieu Canada, Canada's largest carpet manufacturer.

Designers are now selecting carpet to create the focus in an overall room design scheme, rather than treating it simply as a neutral backdrop to other furnishings. Modern carpet textures offer architectural interest to the floor with height variation, sculptured effects and shadowing, and are the perfect contrast to smooth wall and furniture surfaces. Contemporary organic patterns coordinate easily with other interior upholstery and drapery fabrications. Even a choice of a subtle design will create interest underfoot and a look that is sophisticated, neutral and pleasing to the eye. Visit the web site for carpet decorating tips and trends using texture and colour.

For practical consideration, texture and patterned carpet are popular for minimizing soil and vacuum marks and increasing the perception of quality and value. Besides being the perfect design medium, no other flooring choice surpasses wall-to-wall carpet for comfort, warmth, sound-proofing, performance, and price.

As life gets more hectic, we strive to make our homes the perfect oasis and surround ourselves with what we like. The trend is to make our homes softer, simpler, and more liveable, and we are expressing ourselves and our own individuality through colour, texture and pattern. To transform a space, designers start from the floor up. Carpet has evolved to become a valuable, infinitely pliant design tool, and is becoming the latest trend, and a key element in the interior design process for any room.

- News Canada