Financial Success secret

by : Cali Amber

Financial Success-The Secrets Of Financial Success

After speaking with a gentleman this morning, hearing his excuses or so called reasons for his lack of financial success, I realized that the majority of our population is broke only because they lack the one key ingredient or secret. Financial success is as easy as one-two-three. Let me explain.

Many people believe that with a little more education, a little more experience, or even a little more hard work and dedication; they will break the barrier and soar into financial success, whatever that means for them. Could either of these be secret for reaching financial success? Analyze the following experience and decide for yourself.

This summer, Jet Blue, a growing airline, was looking to increase its call centers, and overall ticket sales. So, first things first, finding new operations managers. A group of interns, with college diplomas in hand, quickly answered the call. Eager to receive a college grad’s salary and begin their new career path, they overlooked the fact that the young man training them for the position was also enrolled at the nearby university. Having only completed 5 semesters himself, he held the position and received the salary they had studied and paid 8 semesters or more for. Does education really pay? Or is there something more?

What about experience? Does time on the job matter? Being young and inexperienced myself I am often asked who paid for your Mercedes, your home, your diamonds, etc. Some people actually believe that a rich person likes me, or likes to give me gifts. All I have to say to that is, when they find that rich person, let me know. Financial success is more than who you know. They just can’t seem to believe that a 24 year old, inexperienced female could have bought all that for herself. People tell me all the time, “as soon as I pay my dues," “after a few more months, then I’ll ask for that raise," “when I’m at the top then things will be different." They actually believe that with more experience, more time on the job, they will earn their right to financial success and have what I have. Don’t they see it, I didn’t work my way to the top, I didn’t put in 10,15, or even 20 years to earn it, and they don’t have to either.

Are you ready for the secret? Look at McDonalds and see if you can find it. (Don’t worry I’ll help you out, you don’t even have to be smart to be financially successful.)

McDonalds advertises “billions served", could that be true? Their food is distasteful, their prices middle of the road, their service fair, locations everywhere. How? Every time you, or better put, someone who actually eats at McDonalds, pulls up to the drive thru they know what to order, and they order what they know. It doesn’t matter if they’re in China, Argentina, or Wyoming, they’ll get the exact same hamburger. Same condiments, same taste, same price, in yen, pesos, or dollars. It doesn’t matter if the hamburger maker is Lee, Juan, or Tim, the hamburger is the same.

Have you figured it out? Take this tip! McDonalds follows the same system each and every time. They have built a machine and now they put the machine to work. Here’s the system. Step 1. Build the store equipped with stoves and employees. Step 2. Ship hamburgers and food supplies. Step 3. Assemble hamburgers. Step 4. Exchange hamburgers for cash. It’s the same every time. Now Subway, Taco Bell, KFC, Arby’s, and Hardey’s have all adopted the same system to generate the same level of financial success. It will work for you just as easily as it has for them.

You see you don’t have to be a college grad, you don’t have to claim years of experience, or even work your way up the ladder. You don’t even have to work hard. Don’t buy into the false beliefs of the average broke American, generating 36k a year!! Find a system that works, stick to it, and get the results. The system works every time, humans error all the time. Once you find the system that works for you, putting money into your pocket; it‘s just a matter of duplicating it time and time again. Financial Success can be yours!

It’s no wonder system stands for Save Yourself Stress Time Energy and Money.

Wishing the world Financial Success!!

Cali Amber