Heavenly Football With New Orleans Saints Tickets

by : Al Terry

For a football fan with New Orleans Saints tickets, it's a game guaranteed to be well fought and played hard. If the Saints are known for one thing, it's for putting up a spirited fight on the field. Even though they haven't been able to clinch many big wins, they have already made a name for themselves as a formidable fighting team and have emerged as a powerful contender on the field today.

The New Orleans Saints play their home games from the Louisiana Superdome and are part of the National Football League. They are also affiliated to the NFC South and the National Football Conference. So far, the Saints have three Division titles to their name.

Saints And The Aints

When the New Orleans Saints first hit the field in 1967, they dazzled audiences with a 94 yard opening kickoff return that resulted in a touchdown. A number of New Orleans Saints tickets had been sold for that game and it appeared that the Saints were going to be a strong team to meet on the field. Unfortunately the team lost and settled into a routine that would become habit for the Saints for a very long time. Despite having occasional glimpses of great football, the team would still end up losing, while making a big win seemed completely out of question.

But New Orleans Saints tickets were still selling big and that was because the fans really believed in the potential of the team. In an effort to shake of the Saints a bit, a local radio personality urged Saints fans to wear paper bags on their heads at the home games. Some fans even wrote Aints on the bags and a tradition began that spread to other poor teams in the NFL and gradually other sports in the country.

Our Time Has Come

Something needed to be done, especially when people were buying New Orleans Saints tickets simply to wear paper bags on their heads. The team was shaken up a number of times but the Saints simply could not find their groove. In 2000, Jim Haslett took over the reigns and was able to bring the Saints to the playoffs. This was a huge accomplishment and many in the football world were stunned at the improvement in the team.

After Katrina hit, the Saints were caught in the middle of a controversy regarding relocation of the team. Despite not having a home stadium and dealing with the effects of the hurricane, the team managed to stay focused. In 2006, the team played very well and they were able to score a franchise first by selling out every season ticket in the Superdome. In September that year, they beat the Falcons in a game that has been called one of the best games of the sport. The Falcons were beaten 23-3 and there was sell-out attendance. The Saints again announced sell out season tickets for 2007 which just shows how many football lovers are buying New Orleans Saints tickets.

Today, the New Orleans Saints are definitely a team to watch and many forecast a big win for them in the future. Be there when it happens by getting your New Orleans Saints tickets online from an authorized dealer.