Minnesota Vikings Tickets for Football With Muscle

by : Al Terry

Football enthusiasts across the country can count on Minnesota Vikings tickets to give them the kind of football action they want to see. True to their name, the Vikings have certainly emerged as one of the real warriors of the NFL and have always given the opposing side a real fight to the finish. For fans and football lovers everywhere, the Vikings can be counted on to deliver a killer game of football.

The Minnesota Vikings play under the National Football League and are also affiliated to the National Football Conference and the NFC North. The Vikings play all their home games at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and currently have sixteen Division titles to their name, the third most in the division. The Vikings also have one League title and four Conference wins to their name.

Hail Mary And Purple People Eaters

The Minnesota Vikings entered the football fray in 1960 and the name Vikings was chosen to reflect the Scandinavian culture of Minnesota. Minnesota Vikings tickets were an immediate hot seller because the Vikings literally stormed into the NFL and game attendance almost touched 35000. The Vikings played so well that by 1969 they had the best record in the NFL and the longest single season winning streak in 35 years.

The seventies brought even more reasons to buy Minnesota Vikings tickets. By then, the Vikings had one of the most powerful defensive lines ever, referred to as the Purple People Eaters. In 1975, the team was part of a controversial game called the Hail Mary Game, where a touchdown was seen by some to be in violation of the rules. The pass was a desperate one and came to be known as a Hail Mary.

Awful Eighties And New Beginnings

The 1980s weren't very kind to the Vikings. Though Minnesota Vikings ticket sales were steady, the team hit a franchise worst record of 13 losses in 1984. In 1989, the Vikings pulled off what has gone down in NFL history as one of the biggest personnel mistakes ever. They chose Herschel Walker in a trade with the Dallas Cowboys that ultimately left the Vikings hanging since Walker failed to live up to their expectations. Conversely, the Cowboys were able to use their new players to make it to the Super Bowl.

It wouldn't be until 1991 when the arrival of Jerry Burns would signal a turn around for the team. The team steadily improved and by 1998, the Vikings had some memorable achievements to their credit. They set an NFL record by scoring 556 points with a minimum of 24 points a game. They would also finish the season with an enviable 15-1 season but would also lose their bid for the Super Bowl.

Today Minnesota Vikings tickets are still selling strong and the team look poised to do some serious damage to their rivals on the field. Despite having a few hiccups early on, the Vikings are a team with tremendous spirit and potential. They are long overdue for a big win and football lovers everywhere are waiting for the Vikings to get into action. You can watch them play live by ordering your Minnesota Vikings tickets online through an authorized ticket vendor.