Grant Achieves His First Win as Chelseas New Manager

by : Cindy Ferguson

Not only was it Grant's first win but also player Scott Sinclair managed to make his first goal for the club in the 37th minute. Steve Sidwell made a tremendous 25-yard drive in the 52nd minute to take the game 2-0 while the other two goals were done by Salomon Kalou in the 48th and 81st minutes of the match.

Chelsea at all times gave the impression that they were biding their instants and then doubled their lead just three minutes into the second half and Pizarro mystified the home teams defense with his movement and his cross from the left was headed in by Kalou.

The team's only fear throughout the match was when teammate Wright-Phillips walked away lamely from the field with an evident hamstring wound. However, neither that nor nothing else was able to stop the sizzling club from climbing up the ladder.

The club was extremely self-assured in their play and didn't even seem as if it had just gone through a significant change, like their managers adjustment and Grant is especially satisfied with the way he conquer his new team's first victory.
Grant will have to continue to prove he was chosen right for the job and help Chelsea to maintain as one of the top clubs in England.