Uefa Proposals Delayed

by : Cindy Ferguson

Michel Platini, current president of the UEFA, made his suggestion in a conference between the UEFA organization and representatives. Such proposals may begin in 2009 where the Premier League's top three along with the FA Cup winners would be eligible for qualification.

Other changes Platini has in mind would be rescheduling the final of the Champions League from midweek to a weekend and six of the competitions spots to be set aside for the victors of the 40 lowest leagues within the 50 member countries of UEFA. The winners of the top twelve clubs will mechanically be eligible for the stage.

One of his points of support as to the change of the date would be the absence of family members and children at the past final held last May in Athens, where he strongly feels the scenario would have been much different if the match would have been held during the weekend and not on a weekday. The Champions League and European Cup finals have by tradition been played on a Wednesday evening since the first final was held back in 1956.

Platini's concern has nothing to do with the popular teams outlining a break free rivalry due to his reduction proposal being that quoting his own words, "You are not a top club unless there are some bass players. Our system is formed on solidarity". "When clubs wanted to leave before it was a disaster, not just for football, but them as well."

He also confessed that his tender that the Champions League final is played in a stadium with a capability in surplus of 75,000 would list Wembley more frequently, and mentioned his worry regarding the number of Premier League clubs under foreign possession, but acknowledged there was not much he could do about it.