Good Old American Football With New England Patriots Tickets

by : Al Terry

New England Patriots tickets are not just tickets to see some great live football action; they are also tickets to see a team that has often been dubbed as part of the modern NFL dynasty. The new millennium has certainly been taken by storm by the Patriots and they show absolutely no signs of slowing down. This is remarkable, considering that the Patriots had a less than desirable record in the beginning.

The New England Patriots are part of the National Football League and are also a part of the American Football Conference and the AFC East. The Patriots have ten Division championships to their name as well as five Conference wins and three Super Bowl titles. The Patriots play their home games at the Gillette Stadium.

Slumps and Scandals

The Patriots began as one of the founding members of the AFL and joined the NFL in 1970. The team did not make a good initial impression, producing the fledgling NFL's worst season with just 2 wins and 12 losses. This was blamed on a number of factors, ranging from lack of team stability to the fact that they needed to practice in 4 different places.

While New England Patriots tickets remained a steady favorite, the Patriots themselves were unable to do anything extraordinary on the field, barring the fact that they won three playoff games on the road. By the late eighties and early nineties, the Patriots became bogged down with a number of scandals. The worst came in 1990, the same year that the Patriots had an embarrassing season record of 1-15. That same year, a female reporter from the Boston Herald was sexually and verbally assaulted by members of the team. The offending members were fined and the coach was sacked. On another level, the scandal opened up serious questions about female reporters and journalists in male-dominated sports like football.

From Zero To Hero

Even though New England Patriots tickets were still selling well, things couldn't get much worse for the Patriots. In 1992, rumors began to surface that the team was going to be relocated and this could well have signaled a wake-up call to the team. Despite rumblings and quarrels within the management, the Patriots began to improve in their performance so that by the new millennium, they seemed like another team.

Now it wasn't just the fans, football lovers everywhere began lining up for New England Patriots tickets after the team managed to win the Super Bowl three times, once in 2001 and back to back in 2003 and 2004. This improvement has reflected in sales of New England Patriots tickets, especially on their home turf. Sales records have shown that since 1996, every single Patriots home game has been sold out.

Today the Patriots are right at the helm of what many are calling the new NFL dynasty. The new millennium has seen some extremely strong performances from the team and the fans hope to get to see more great football action from them in the future. If the Patriots are playing at a city near you, get yourself some New England Patriots tickets and treat yourself to some real championship football. You can also go online and buy your tickets from an authorized ticket vendor.