Joey Barton Out for the Rest of the Season

by : Cindy Ferguson

As of May 1st Barton was suspended by Manchester City until the end of the 2006/07 season, after a training ground episode concerning him and team mate Ousmane Dabo. Dabo went to the hospital subsequent to suffering injuries on his mouth during the occurrence.

Barton's future with the club remains uncertain and not even his agent is conscious of what will happen; who informed the press that Man City stated they would contact him regarding the matter.

Throughout his football career he has had more than a few punitive tribulations, including an unpleasant incident at a Christmas party, where he jabbed a cigar in junior player Jamie Tandy's eye. The next summer Barton was sent home from a pre-season tournament in Thailand, after becoming involved in a brawl with a young child that supported the Everton football club.

These happenings, among others, resulted in Barton undertaking anger management therapy, which was demanded by the Manchester City's manager, Stuart Pearce; and to complete the punishment, he also had to pay out 120,000 pounds in club fines.

Although, it seems his treatment did not do much for him, as he continues to act improperly and has not learned how to control his temper. However he notified the Daily Mail, that he would try to make compensation for his fight with Dabo.