Are You A Weightloss Bully?

by : Ranae Whitmore

"You need to be an absolute bully when it comes to weight loss " These were the last words I would hear from him, the stranger who was commuting with me on my way back to work. Before I could ask him what he had meant by being a "bully", he exited the bus and disappeared into the crowd.

There was something of an air of wisdom and confidence about this man that lingered. His statement, and the sparkle in his eyes, combined with the all-knowing look that emanated from his face, left me pondering his final words.

Yes, he had the power to make me think!

Throughout the following days, waves of thoughts crossed my mind and many questions started to flood my brain. How do you be a bully? Isn't a bully a person who is cruel, intimidating and overbearing? Did he mean a ruffian, a tough or rowdy person? How would that apply to weight loss?

Bullies pick at other people... they are relentless, I thought. Perhaps I was beginning to grasp the meaning of what this man had meant. Could he have meant to be ruthless in conquering your goals? Did it mean to be relentless in exercise and working out... to keep up the pressure to succeed?

Perhaps he meant taking up the sword to your weight loss and waging war against your old habits. Maybe it meant I should "bully" anyone or anything that stood in my way of achieving a healthy lifestyle! Did he mean to be courageous and to reach for my dreams no matter what? The irony was not lost as I considered the word "bully" being compared to standing up for what I believed.

Finally, I resorted to the dictionary and found a few meanings that began to support some positive thoughts...

"To make (one's way) aggressively."

"Excellent, splendid: did a bully job of persuading the members."

"Used to express approval: Bully for you!"

"Relentless - not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty; 'grim determination'; 'grim necessity' incapable of being placated";

"Persistent, unrelenting, continual - occurring without interruption; chiefly restricted to what recurs regularly or frequently in a prolonged and closely spaced series" as in "the continual banging of the shutters".

"Unyielding, unstoppable"

Perhaps I was on to something! Perhaps I could now relate to what this intriguing man had meant....

-Be driven in your commitment to yourself.

-Push yourself harder physically.

-Be willing to deprive yourself of high caloried foods that give you an immediate pleasure in return for the long-term joy of attaining your goal of weight loss.

-Don't let yourself give up; kick yourself in your rear to reach your dreams.

-Coach yourself to do one more crunch, one more sit-up or to go two steps farther than you did the day before.

-Bully yourself to be physically stronger.

-Be determined, even bull-headed to succeed.

-Pick away at your resistance to change until your attitude is one of willingness.

-Stand up for yourself and don't let anyone stand in your way of success.

-Be confident in your resolve, know that you WILL win this weight loss battle.

-Be relentless in taking the actions to bring about change.

-Change your attitude to go after what you want.... and get it!

-Take back your life.

-Kick your own butt; never say never!

-Don't let people tell you "No".

Do you have the same determination as a "bully" when it come to your weight loss? Are you willing to be steadfast in your commitment and do what it takes to reach your goals? Are you willing to live your dreams?

Then YOU may be a Weight Loss "Bully"

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"Bully" for YOU!!!