Quick Fat Loss - Proven Tips for Losing Fat Naturally

by : J.P. Davis

Many people are looking for quick fat loss, and there are many products out that claim to do the trick. But how do we know what is best and safest for our bodies? Each person is unique so the same thing cannot work on everyone.

One proven method to achieve this goal is to drink lots of water. We are supposed to consume half of our pound weight in ounces. For instance, a 140-pound woman should have at least 70 ounces of water everyday. Water increases our urination and flushes out the system, getting rid of excess liquid in the body, which can decrease bloating and water retention.

If eating a lot of carbohydrates, switch that focus to lean proteins such as fish and chicken. High giglycemic (GI) carbohydrates are not good for someone trying to drop a few pounds. These include those foods high in refined sugar like white bread. However, low giglycemic (GI) carbs are beneficial because they can be high on fiber, which is a proven way to lose weight. Fiber-rich foods fill us up on less calories and also take longer to eat. Cutting 500 calories from the diet cannot hurt when aiming for quick fat loss.

We cannot always get the recommended amounts of fiber, so supplements can be taken. They are still natural and safe. Eating small meals, about four to five per day, every three hours will be beneficial to the dieter because they will not eat a large meal, and will not feel starving. Moderation is key, and quick is not always the best route for fat loss.