Sports, Dancing & Exercise Keeps the Calories Away!

by : Musa Aykac

If you are feeling overweight and bloated then dancing would be your key to success. Forget about all the quick weight loss drinks and get yourself doing some real exercise via dancing. Exercise does not have to be about agony and pain you can enjoy exercise just as much as watching the television or eating and drinking.

I believe that dancing would be the easiest and most fun way to lose weight, this is due to the simple fact that you can do it anywhere and anytime and it just will not feel like work. So your going out to hit the town and clubs on a Friday or Saturday night what are you going to do? You are going to dance, you should dance like there's no tomorrow to burn off all the calories. An important factor to remember though is do not drink because all your dancing would have gone to waste. There are also various other means of dancing and having fun such as joining social clubs.

If you're looking to take your exercise to a more professional level then you could consider a dancing sport such as ballroom dancing or ballet, these are great calorie burners that could make you shed the pounds in weeks. Dancing is not the only fun activity you can do to lose weight there is many many more such as:

Golf, why drive a cart around on the green? Make use of your legs and walk you may get tired but its well worth it in the end, especially if you play regularly. Secondly you should consider the all so forgotten bike riding, this can be very fun especially if you have a big family that are all eager to come with you, you could go on treks and have races. Finally hiking in the woods an all-time favourite exercise activity. It allows you to enjoy nature and a 180 pound person will burn approximately 257 calories per half hour of trekking through the woods.

Even work such as gardening or cleaning the house can be turned into an exercise with stretching, jumping, pushing and pulling. If you want to lose weight than you have to be motivated, you can't just expect to buy a nutrition drink and forget about the rest. Losing weight and doing exercise needs determination, you have to be in it for the long haul and then you will notice the benefits and feel better about yourself and your perception to the world will be far greater.