The Secret 2 Fat Loss: 5 Simple Summer Weight Loss Tips

by : James Wong

Here we are! Summer is almost here, just about upon us, ready or not. But if you're not in beach-ready shape, you're in luck because it is truly easy to do! Healthy and fast weight loss is definitely something that anyone can achieve. Summer is the best time to lose weight because it's warm out and everything looks beautiful! Who wouldn't want to be outdoors during the summer? There's so much to do that you'll make it happen easily!

The most important guideline is to get up and do it! While it is easy to lose weight fast and in a healthy way, you have to put your mind and body into it. This needs to be your main focus and you need to want it enough to make it happen with our 5 simple weight loss tips:

Simple Summer Weight Loss Tip #1: Water! It is extremely important to drink plenty of water during the hot summer days. It's important for weight loss, of course, but it's even more important for general well-being. When you exercise outdoors in the summer, you tend to lose alot of fluids through your sweat but you may not realize this. Always keep a bottle or two of water nearby to keep yourself hydrated. I emphasize water because you should avoid sports drinks, fruit drinks, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages; those drinks only work to make you even more thirsty and will dehydrate you. So make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your workouts.

Simple Summer Weight Loss Tip #2: Feel the heat! Sure there are days when the heat seems overbearing or the humidity is taking the mugginess too far. But remember our top guideline: stick to your weight loss goal! If you become lazy and lose focus, you will stop yourself in your tracks. Instead, work through the heat. By drinking plenty of fluids before and after your workouts, you'll be on the right track and headed straight for that slim beach-ready body! If the heat is way too much for you to focus on your workout routine, then try something new, a new sport or even just a new location.

Simple Summer Weight Loss Tip #3: Bright and early! Now, if the heat of the mid-day sun is ultimately too much for you, that's okay. Switch your workout time to the mornings. For some, it's easier to focus on that weight loss goal in the morning and if you wake up early to get your workout in, you'll be on a great track for the rest of the day. It's cooler in the morning but make sure to push yourself enough so that you're sweating. If you feel you may not have enough time in the morning, that's okay. Try walking for 15 minutes to get into the rhythm and to gauge how much time you have. Just make sure to focus on losing weight!

Simple Summer Weight Loss Tip #4: Ah, the breezy summer days! If the afternoon calls you to sleep, go ahead and take a nap. It will help your body recoup from your hard workouts and give your body a chance to work its weight loss magic! A nice afternoon nap will also help to lower stress levels, which is great because summer is a time for happy, stress-free days! So if that mood strikes, follow it and take a little nap!

Simple Summer Weight Loss Tip #5: With your increased physical activity, your body will be craving more food. This can be an easy place to sell yourself short. But instead of eating foods that are designed to make you gain weight, make sure you stock your kitchen with plenty of healthy foods and healthy treats. Fresh foods and fresh fruits are the way to go during the summer months. Trail mixes with nuts are great for protein and energy. So make sure to supply your body with plenty of these healthy foods and treats so it can make the most of losing weight. Just make sure to eat them after your workout.

Bonus Tip!: Exercise is great and it will make you feel great! But make sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet of good, whole foods. No amount of physical activity will counteract a poor diet. Make sure a good diet is the foundation for your summer beach-ready body and weight loss goals!