How To Choose A Diet That Works For You

by : Michael Crockett

If you're interested in loosing weight with the different diet systems available, you've probably done the smart thing and looked up the pros and cons about the different diets. You're read a lot of things about what the diets are supposed to be. I'd like to tell you a few things about common diets.

Low-carb diets are all the rage, so let's go ahead and get this out of the way right now. Low-carb diets are just too difficult to stay with.

They're not very healthy for you, either, if you have almost any physical activity in your day. Those of you who've tried leading an active life while on a low-carb diet know the light-headed, weak feeling I'm talking about. And speaking of light-headed, did you know that carbohydrates are essential for brain function?

Low calorie diets don't tend to work very well after the first couple of days. Why? On the physical end, you metabolism slows down. Your body tends to know about whether it's getting enough food, and can actually save more food as fat, when it's not getting the food it's used to, to prepare for the famine your eating habits have told it is ahead.

There is also the psychological factor--it's hard to keep from being cranky when you feel hungry all the time. Add this with the fatigue that comes with not getting enough energy (the calorie is a measure of energy). Add in the fact that eating fewer calories leaves you feeling even hungrier, and you'll see why so many people have problems with low-calories diets..

Fatty acids, like carbs, are essential to brain function. Several essential nutrients vitamins and minerals are fat soluble, meaning they need fat to digest into your system. You won't be eating fat in overly healthy amounts, but it won't cut them out of your diet, either.

It is important that you find a diet that promotes lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, exercise, and shows results. I want you to know that if you put forth effort choosing a diet plan you will have much more success than just going with the latest fad.

I want you to spend one hour and pick five popular diets. Then I want you to spend one hour checking out each diet. Then pick the two diets you think are best. Then Google diet testimonials for each diet and see what people are saying about each diet. Then try the diet plan. I know you will have much more success than just getting the latest fad. I know you will be thiner and healthier