How to Lose Weight Fast and Safe the Simple Way

by : Bill Meyer

Weight loss is a mega billion dollar industry primarily because people have been confused about what it takes to lose weight.? Let's all agree that the only way to lose weight fast and safe is to burn up more calories than you take in.? It really is that simple.

The human body spends most of its energy converting whatever we put into it into energy.? In essence our bodies are a very sophisticated furnace.? It will burn up whatever we feed it.? However, it stand to reason that some things burn better and easier than others.? Knowing this leads to some interesting insights about how to lose weight fast and safe.?

In fact a very high percentage of your body's total energy is spent breaking down and processing food.? It stands to reason that if you want to lose weight fast and safe you need to help your body process foods better.?

Let's take high protein diets as an example.? Your body actually knows the difference between different kinds of proteins.? So if you consume a meat protein your body releases specific agents designed to process that fuel.? However, if you consumer a dairy or nut protein your body uses a completely different agent to convert that protein into energy.? So a ham and cheese sandwich can be very confusing!?

Actually your body isn't confused but you are asking it to be very inefficient.? If you want your body to break down meat protein then don't ask it to simultaneously break down dairy protein.? It can do it but not nearly as efficiently as if it had only one type of protein to work on.? Multi-tasking is not necessarily good when you are trying to lose weight fast and safe.?

Now, imagine the variations with all the different types of carbohydrates available.? You can literally put hundreds of different types of fuels into the furnace but you want it to produce energy no matter what.? This confusion is going to have a big impact on your body's metabolism.?

Metabolism is defined as the rate at which the body produces and consumes energy and calories. ?In other words how quickly does the body process food, turn it into energy and then burn off that energy.? Your metabolism will have a big impact on your ability to lose weight fast and safe.?

Calorie confusion is one way to keep your metabolism and body working overtime.? The way calorie confusion works to help you lose weight fast and safe is that you constantly change up the fuel you put in the furnace.? This makes your body work overtime trying to figure out what the fuel is and how to process it. ??