Things You Should Know About The Low Glycemic Index Diet recipes

by : Sean Tan

Food fads come and go, but the weight loss has stayed. As time goes by and the diet achieves greater successes, more and more people want to know about what it is. If you are not sure yet about what this diet is and what it can do, read on.

What does GI mean?

GI is an acronym for glycemic index (spelt glycaemic in UK English). It is a measurement of how carbohydrate foods and drinks can affect the level of the glucose in the blood. There are some carbohydrates that undergo rapid disintegration (metabolism) in the body, releasing glucose quickly into the system. Other carbohydrates do not do it that fast. The former kinds of foods are known as the high GI foods and the latter kinds are known as the low GI foods.

The GI is a measurable quantity. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. From the dietician's point of view, foods that have a glycemic index of above 70 are considered as high GI foods while foods that have a glycemic index of less than 55 are considered to be low GI foods.

How do low GI foods help the body?

The basic principle why the low glycemic load diet is considered to be healthier is because it allows the foods to release their energies slowly in the body. That allows the foods to get digested in a much better manner. When the foods are digested slowly, the body is also able to burn all the calories present in it. Also, since the foods are slow release, the person doesn't feel hungry as often as before.

What are the health benefits of a Low GI Diet?

By burning off the calories, the slow release foods of the healthy way to achieve permanent weight loss do not get accumulated in the arteries and veins. That is the reason when a person sticks to a diet plan; the chances of having cardiovascular diseases are significantly lowered. One more point to be stressed is that because the food is a slow release food, the person will not feel hunger. This is the principle of the dropping weight for people who want to reduce weight. The diet breakthrough is also a wonderful diet for people who want to fight the possibilities of diabetes mellitus type 2.

How to plan a Low Glycemic Diet pyramid?

Your dietician can be your best help to plan out a low glycemic index diet for you. The main part of this diet is that you have to use foods that are slow release. You can even find a list of such foods over the Internet and give you good information and tips on planning out a low glycemic index diet.