What Makes Fat Loss 4 Idiots for Years so Popular?

by : Anna Baumgartner

I'd like to share my own experience with Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet system. This diet helped me indeed, and I understand now, why it has got so many fans in diet world.

I got weight problem after I got my second kid. What ever I did concerning trying to lose weight didn't work. Besides, my husband started looking to another direction. So I've got a clear sign that I have really to start losing weight.

Through one of my friends I got acquainted with .............Yes, yes, Fat Loss 4 Idiots.? You know, I was very much skeptic about it.

First, I said to my friend -? no, thank you very much. I could write already a list of all methods and programs what I tried, and they didn't work. So, why this one should work.
But I recognized, how much my friend improved in her shape. "So what, you want to tell me, that you look so great, because of this "Fat Loss 4 Idiots"? - I said grinning. She told me, that she is following this program since one month, and she keeps on losing in her weight.

In one week I finally took a decision to start with Fat Loss 4 Idiots. That, how much my friend improved in her weight, didn't keep me calm. I said to myself, ok I give it a chance, because if you don't try it, you never know, what it is indeed.

What calmed me down, that there are no pills, and you can eat what you prefer usually to eat.
So, I chose 14 of my favorite foods and put them into Diet Generator, which automatically works out for you daily menu. Diet plan is for 11 days, but afterwards you get 3 days vacation. I called them party days, because you can eat that what you want. But then once again you continue with 11 days plan.

According to this eating system you have 4 meals per day with interval approximately 2,5 hours. You can cook your dishes as you like: boil, grill, bake and so on. You will eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. There is a special option for vegetarians in this program. And you will have to drink much water. Don't worry, one glass of wine per day is aloud.

By drinking much water you clean up your body from toxins and fat. Your body will be only thankful to you.

I can't confirm, that I lost 9 lbs. as you see in a lot of advertising about this program, but 6 lbs. were gone after first 11 day period. I find it as a good result.

It is recommended to make some sweaty exercises, but I have no time for that. I believe, that together with some exercises you could lose 9 lbs. for sure.

The big advantage of this diet program that you can eat you preferable meal until you are satisfied, and you don't feel hungry during day. If you drink much water it helps to suppress appetite very much.

I can only confirm that this program really works. You have only strictly to follow it day by day to see the results.

This diet program doesn't keep you hungry during day based on great worked out menu and much drinking.

You start loving your body more and more, and you body loves you, because you choose very healthy way to lose weight.

Even when you stop this program, you keep on losing weight. And it's really good news!
Live longer, love your body!

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