Weight Loss Graphics Rude: Are They?

by : Anthony Thedford

People have accounts on friendster, MySpace, hi5 and other social networking websites. These websites allow people to post graphics on their own pages or another person webpage. These graphics come in glitter and are very eye catchy or can be funny pictures. There are graphics for all occasions and can range from simple hellos, happy birthdays, Merry Christmas etc. There are sites that provide weight loss graphics and pictures. Is it alright to post these graphics on a friends page?
These graphics were made so that they can be seen and used. Graphics help people in their struggle with weight. The weight loss graphics are said to help people overcome their weight insecurities as the graphics give them any idea of how they look exactly and how they can remedy this situation. Say for example, you can actually realize that you would look really good and attractive if you are able to trim down a bit of those extra weights that you have.

Weight loss graphics are positive notes and affirmations of the persons good work such as. You look great with your new weight, 30 pounds to go etc. Some are even made for the dieters own usage like Iam losing weight and feeling good, I love to work out or No more carbs for me. While picture graphics are very humorous, these show a fresh way of looking at weight, food and weight loss. One has to remember also that not everything that is funny or humorous is rude. It takes propriety of course to know the line that delineates humorous from something that is rude already. You have to put yourself in the shoes of others and feel how others might react to the graphics that you made.

There is nothing rude in these weight loss graphics if you are able to deliver the message that you want into graphics. If your message itself is very rude then of course the most likely thing is to deliver a graphics that would send the same rude message. But if your message is well intentioned, then there is no doubt that the graphics will also be well intentioned. These graphics are fun and refreshing when posted on pages.
It should not all the time be a sad and disappointing moment when you have to think about your weight loss program. With the graphics, recipients can easily delete these graphics from their page but friendships might get ruined. You might have to rethink about posting one on your friends page if that friend is a very sensitive person especially when it comes to his or her weight. But with the right friend and the right graphics, it can be a source of inspiration, fun and laughter.