Negative Calorie Diets: Fact or Myth?

by : Shane Dayton

Many people want to know what the truth about negative calorie foods, and the diet plan surrounding it, but this is a hard question to answer because that depends on what you want to know. There's still argument regarding the truth about negative calorie foods and whether these foods actually cause a negative calorie reaction or not.

Right off the bat, there's no such thing as a food with negative calories, so if you're looking for foods with zero calories, then you pretty much have water and diet cola. Nothing can have negative calories, since when you deal with reality as opposed to math you can't have less than nothing. The way that the negative calorie foods diet works is by changing out a lot of foods in you're regular diet with "negative calorie foods," or foods that are suspected of causing your body to use more calories to burn the food than that food provides.

When a food is called a negative calorie food, that doesn't mean that the food has "negative calories," but it means that the end result of your body spending caloric energy to burn off the calories of the food is a negative number.

So say a piece of fruit has 20 calories, but your body requires 30 calories to burn it. The end result is you lose ten calories. That's what a negative calorie food is. A negative calorie diet is a diet in which the majority of foods are like this.

That's the first thing to consider when pondering the question of "what's the truth behind negative calorie foods?" Some people don't get that a negative calories food diet is based on foods that cause a calorie deficit, not foods that have "negative calories." The lack of true understanding around negative calories works causes probably half the objections from people claiming it's a fraud.

No foods have negative calories. In fact, virtually no foods naturally have 0 calories, but supporters of the negative calorie diet never say that. They say that these foods cause a calorie deficit, which there is at least some evidence to suggest.

Take a look at a negative calorie food bell green pepper. If you ate only bell green peppers, you would lose a lot of weight and not be in very good shape after three weeks. That's why negative calorie foods are not a diet that dictate everything you eat. But if you replace half of your higher calorie high fat snacks with negative calorie foods and supplement that with some vitamins, some beans or white meat, some whole grains, and you will be amazed at how quickly the weight can start coming off.

A negative calorie foods diet works. Period, end of statement. In the end, no matter what questions you have about negative calorie foods, this is a diet, so the end question is whether or not a negative calorie foods diet works and the answer is that it does. If you're looking for foods that cause you to lose weight, the negative calorie food diet is absolutely one that you should take a look at considering.