Fuming Over The High Cost Of Electricity? Switch To Oilheat

by : News Canada

(NC)-With the cost of electricity skyrocketing and unstable, now is the best time to switch to oilheat, says the Canadian Oil Heat Association.

'Not only does oilheat offer a reliable, safe heating alternative,' says COHA president John Butt. 'Oil is also one of the most cost-effective heating fuels available.'

According to COHA, when electric customers switch to oilheat, they can experience cost savings from 25 per cent up to 50 per cent.

'When electric baseboard owners convert to oil, they usually report immediate fuel savings and equipment payback surprisingly fast,' says Butt. 'And there's the added value of increased comfort. Oilheat can produce air from registers that is as much as 30?F/17?C warmer than electric heat pumps.'

Oilheat is also the best choice when it comes to water heaters. Switching from electric to oil can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year and oil-fired water heaters boast half the recovery time of electric models.

Conversion from electric to oilheat is relatively simple and the cost to convert depends on a homeowner's current situation. Homes with ductwork require no structural change - the heat pump is supplemented with a furnace or boiler and heat exchanger that use existing ducts. A home that is currently equipped with electric baseboards requires minimal structural change - an oil-fired boiler can distribute hot water through hidden tubes to new hydronic baseboard radiators. There is also the option to add central air conditioning by switching from baseboard to forced air with new ductwork.

'When homeowners switch from electric to oilheat, they're not only taking advantage of a safe, dependable and comfortable heating fuel, they're also taking advantage of a competitive market,' says Butt. 'You choose the supplier that best meets your needs and enjoy a quality product and the personal and dependable service that comes with choosing oilheat.'

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