Weight Gain and Stress are Inter-related

by : Alien

It has been found that women are at a higher risk of gaining weight as compared to men. The body mass index or (BMI) has been found to be high particularly in women due to stress eating.

Our body has a hormone called cortisol that largely contributes to weight related issues, particularly around the abdominal region. Excess of this hormone maybe the reason for the slow metabolism and the culprit behind your weight gain.

The tendency to eat food that is high in fats and calories is also one of the reasons for poor metabolism of the body. Though cortisol is directly connected for all those extra pounds it is not advisable to eat pills to prevent weight gain due to cortisol. There are no pills or for that matter diet to control your weight until and unless you decide to follow a healthy diet followed by a strict regime of exercises.

Lack of emotional support as you know is directly linked to women's tendency to over eat, firstly it becomes important that they build their own support group network this can be in the form of a weight loss program or it might be to get the support of your friend or relative who will help you to over come this habit to over eat due to stress.

Weight loss program can be in the form of a strict diet along with a systematic exercise regime or a daily brisk 5-minute walk. Try to get involved in activities or hobbies of your choice so that you can get out of this habit to stress eat and thus loose weight.

Regular exercise has proved to be the best stress busters as well as the most effective medicine for a weight loss program. Regular exercises help to control the cortisol level in the body thus helping you alleviate depression.

You could go in for relaxation exercises that will relieve the stress level and the best relaxation exercise can be in the form of deep breathing and meditation, you could also relax with physical activities like tai chi or yoga.

Whatever may be the reason to lose weight depends upon the mind of a person and the more self confident a person is the more he or she will take care of his or her body. Self help is the best help in any weight loss program.